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Posters are one of the oldest and popular forms of communication. Be it for introducing a product, promoting a movie, to decorate a wall, or for some important announcement, everyone uses posters. To make it more prominent, bigger posters are needed. That is precisely when large format poster printing comes into picture.

What is Large Format Printing for Posters?

Any poster that is beyond 100” wide requires something bigger than regular size printing machines. The process of printing these huge posters using the large / wide format printers comes under large format printing of posters.

Instead of individual paper sheets, paper rolls are used for printing in large format printers.

Features of Printing in Large Format

Some of the features of large format printers for posters include:

High quality 

Large format printing output is superior compared to regular prints.


CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) inks are used by the large format printers to make the posters for the rich final output.

Perfect for outdoors

UV pigments or UV inks are used in large format printers to prevent dust or environmental conditions from fading or spoiling the poster easily.


Glossy or Extra glossy finish can be obtained through large format poster printing.

Ways to Use Large Format Prints

Whether it is for personal use or business use large posters have several applications:

Events and Promotions

Be it a college event, tradeshow, or a business conference, large format posters can draw attention to what you want to say.

Wall Decor

Create designer walls using large posters.

POP Displays

Large posters can make your customers want to know more about your product offer or service plan while serving as Point of Purchase displays at strategic points.

Photo Prints

Show off your company’s achievements or the stunning photograph you took while traveling with vibrant picture posters.

The 4 Prominent Benefits of Using Large Format Poster Printing Services

1. Get noticed

Bigger the poster, better the visibility. If there are a series of posters in a place, your brand will not be overshadowed by them. Even from a distance, your poster will attract attention when complemented with an amazing creative idea.

With the stunning graphics of large posters, businesses in retail can benefit a lot. Your message is eye-catching and clear enough with better readability through your poster. That is good enough to attract some inquiries about your products.

2. Say more

Posters are widely used in advertising and marketing campaigns. But small format prints give you limited space to communicate product details. Even with minimum text content, the regular size ads may not be as appealing as the large posters.

A large poster gives you the flexibility to add more information without looking cluttered. Utilize the huge poster space with text and pictures the way you like it.

3. Save money

Instead of distributing and putting up small posters or pamphlets everywhere, put up few of these large format posters at strategic places to get better response.

You say more and save more. Instead of spending on places where you do not even get noticed, posters are a cost-effective way to use print media that garnishes attention.

4. Attract action

Irrespective of what business you are in, you intend to use posters to make people buy something, sign up for an event, or avail your service.

Large format posters can be very useful to attract your potential clients to perform your desired action with a suitable call-to-action message.