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Although we’re in a digital age, posters are print documents that everyone loves.

Whether you’re advertising a blockbuster film, or just decorating a college dorm, posters grab attention and communicate your message succinctly. Whenever you want to make your own personal or business poster, then you can do no better than turn to the experts.

As a graphic design firm with extensive industry expertise, we design professional-grade posters for virtually any event. In this article, we’ll review how to make an attention-grabbing poster design for any event.

Typically, a poster consists of three parts, namely: heading, the main idea of designing the poster, pictures, which make the poster more interesting and illustrate the condition, situation, people or things, and a message to give information, advice, instructions or warning to the intended audience.

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Your audiences should grab the message of your poster at a glance. Select your alignment – justified, right, left or centered and apply it to your headers, text, shapes, and pictures.

The text is often centered; this creates a sense of symmetry.

To make the poster design feel coherent, unify the elements of your poster by aligning text and objects properly.

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new york poster designer

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A high quality, the relevant image will communicate your message in ways text can’t.

Use light, bright and colorful photos to give the audience a happy feeling. The image you choose should be unique to elicit an emotional response from the audience.

In most cases, you will want that emotion to be excitement, joy or anticipation. For larger poster design your photo should have the highest resolution possible, otherwise, your printed poster will not look its best.


Great poster design for NYC companies and events

Keep your titles and headers simple. The title text should be 3 times the size of the sub header and body text. It is ideal to use relatively large font size for headers, this helps you determine the first thing your readers see.

You should not use more than 3 different fonts in one design. For example, Serif fonts have a classic and fancy feel while Sans Serif fonts tend to have a more modern feel.

Posters are designed to be eye catching.

The color scheme you choose should reflect the mood of the event you are promoting. A good color choice will direct your readers to the main parts of your intended message.

Select colors that complement your message and photograph. For instance, use black and orange for a spooky Halloween event.


ny poster designer

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In addition, Varick Street Litho includes a complete graphic design department, supplying their customers with special, visionary work. We keep our customers engaged during every step of our development work flow to guarantee the job satisfies brand name guidelines, embodies their vision, and attracts the end clients.

VSL Print has a creative graphic design team and we can bring a project to completion. We serve both the regional New York City location and with the capacity to serve local, nationwide and global markets. Think about VSL Print for the next custom printing project. In addition to this, VSL Print’s other offerings consist of Direct Mail Services and Specialty Design Services.

VSL Print is at the leading edge of personalized services that go with the printing project. Serving both the local New York City location and with the capability to serve regional, national and global clients. Varick Street Litho offers a whole graphic design team of experts, offering clients with distinct, brand-new prints. We keep our customers engaged throughout each action of the production process in order to make sure the job meets the customer’s standards, captures their vision, and catches the attention of the target market. Varick Street Litho has an innovative group of experts and Varick Street Litho can make your vision come.

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Common FAQ

How do I make a poster online?

How to make a poster
Get the right size. With Canva, this couldn’t be easier—we have standard poster sizes preset to make it simple.
Choose a poster template, or design your poster from scratch. …
Customize your poster. …
Add your own message.
Download, print or share your finished poster design!

How do you make a good poster?

Here Are Some Essential Tips You Should Consider When Designing A Poster
It Should Be Readable From A Distance. …
Create Some Contrast. …
Consider The Location. …
Stand Out. …
05. Make It Scalable. …
Use A Big Image. …
07. Make Good Use Of Space. …
Pay Attention To Call-To-Action.

What are the basic elements of posters?

A poster should:
Have a dominate elements such as a headline or image that will quickly catch your reader’s eye. Have the most important message emphasized by size, color, or value. Have art that is related to the message. Have the type and imagery arranged in a logical, functional sequence.

What should a poster include?

What is a Research Poster? Posters are widely used in the academic community, and most conferences include poster presentations in their program. … The poster is usually a mixture of a brief text mixed with tables, graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats.

Mission of a poster

attract attention (optical eye-catching through shape and color),
be memorable (original motifs and texts),
have an interesting design (original combination of font, image and color), and.
a clearly structured message or statement.

Why are posters effective?

Size and quantity offer flexibility, which are two advantages of using posters as an advertising medium for a small business. Posters also: Make quick, immediate visual impressions on potential customers. … Are more affordable than some other advertising methods, especially ads placed in newspapers and magazines.

Why is it important to make a poster?

Since the beginning, it has been important for posters to catch the eye of those they are meant to educate. … The text should be easy to read and help draw the eye to the poster. In order for a poster to be successful, it must be readable, should be attractive to the eye, and should make creative use of any white space.

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