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New York City Finishing Services

Die cutting services in NYC

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process using a die containing knives and/or creasing rules to slice patterns into substrate or cut specific patterns into the substrate. The dies are engraved for particular tasks and are created from a spectrum of different materials and in a variety of different ways. The team at VSL Print has a lot of experience in die cutting, so if you have any questions or concerns we will be glad to share our expertise with you.

Embossing Services in NYC


Embossing is a procedure in which dies are utilized to stamp or mark relief images on book covers or on printed products. In most cases, ink or another substance is applied to accent or color the relief images. Blind embossing does not use decorative inks which keeps the stamped image in its original state. A comparable process is debossing which uses a die to stamp into the substrate a sunken image. In both embossing or debossing, the substrate is passed underneath an embossing plate carrying the engraved die which bears the images.

Engraving Services in NYC

Engraving is a well-known high end practice of the finishing process, which is generally done in small runs for luxury materials. Our process is done by forming an impression on metal plates, which are then filled with ink and pressed into paper to create very detailed raised printed areas. Engraving presses are not as large as other finishing presses such as embossing presses, so it is not as effective for larger runs. On the other hand, the engraving process is unique in that is can hold the finest detail of any process.

Foil Stamping Services in NYC

Foil Stamping

The foil stamping processing is like embossing and can actually be completed while embossing. In foil stamping, a heated die is pressed on to foil roll touching the substrate. This transfers the patterns on the die through the foil and on to the substrate. During foil embossing, foil-stamping and embossing occur at the same time. Historically, foil stamping ended up replacing the process of bronzing (applying metallic powder to the substrate surface area). A sort of foil marking, blanking or die-stamping is utilized to press images into a more durable substrates when embossing is not the best technique (e.g. book covers utilized in case binding).

Gilding Services in NYC


Gilding is an option to add an elegant edge to your already embellished paper or book cover. The added depth of color will add aesthetic value, but also help your print stand out as a luxury product. We use a highly specialized process that will provide you with an added layer of quality that, if carried out by our trained professional and subsequently treated with the appropriate care, can last a lifetime.

Letterpress Services in NYC


VSLPrint.com uses different kinds of laminates to offer different finishes. There are the standard options that are silk, matt and gloss. Our laminating process is about applying a thin plastic layer to a printed paper to protect and enhance the printed matter. The major aim is to protect the printing from moisture, stain and make the ink colors more vibrant. In addition, it also makes the print stronger, long lasting and makes it look professional.

Letterpress Services in NYC


VSL Print is one of the last letterpress operations in left NYC. We have held onto this unique process as we believe it to be one of the most elegant finishing processes in printing. In the past, letterpress involved arrangement of blocks of type to create the impressions. With the development of modern techniques it is now possible for graphics and texts to be produced onto a flexible plates called photopolymer plates. This allows for more detailed and efficient productions.

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