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New York City Hardcover Book Binding

Need Help with Case Binding a Hardcover Book?


Our high quality NYC area hardcover book binding services can be the perfect solution for those looking for a qualified print house.

We offer High quality hardcover book binding services

VSL Print has been in the printing world for quite some time and we have an expert book binding team that can turn your vision into a reality.

If you know exactly what you want – or if you aren’t quite sure – feel free to contact us to run your ideas or hardcover book binding needs by us before moving ahead with a project.

We offer High quality hardcover book binding services in NYC
Varick Street Litho can help with your Casebound book printing and bookbinding

Varick Street Litho can help with your Casebound book printing and other hard cover book binding

Casebound book printing requires experience, knowledge, and a keen eye for details. Our bookbinding team will generate the results that you need.


Professional hard cover binding service in New York City

One of the most important considerations when it comes to hard binding is to have a vision as to how you envision your book looking after a decade of solid use. This will give you some insights into what you expect from a hard binding service.

VSL Print offers the Best NYC hardcover Binding Service


Moving forward to the 21st century, Varick Street Litho is at the cutting edge of binding. Serving both the local New York area and with the ability to serve local, national and global markets. Varick Street Litho houses an entire graphic design department, providing clients with unique, new material. We specialize in Binding Services, Book Binding, Case Binding, Collating & Gathering, Cutting & Trimming, Folding, Imposition Layout. Mechanical Binding, Perfect Binding, Saddle stitching, and much more.

Our binding team has years of experience and can guide you through the binding process and deciding what process and styles to utilize. If you have a project in mind, contact us today and learn how we would achieve your desired end-goal.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist your next custom projects.

Common FAQ on Hardcover Binding

What is hardcover case binding in books?

Case binding is used to create hardcover or casebound books, and it typically comes in  different types:

1. Edition binding is the use of fully-automated equipment to bind relatively large print runs.

2. Job binding is the binding of small quantities of books which require special bindings, often including some degree of hand-work.

What is hardbound binding?

A hardcover or hardback or hardbound or casebound (there are numerous terms used in this context) is a book that is bound using a rigid protective cover. This cover tends to be made from what is called binder’s board – or, just heavy paperboard that is then covered with buckram, cloth, heavy papers, or even covered in leather.

What is the difference between hardcover and library binding?

A paperback book has a cover made of non-rigid paper, which tends to be much less durable than hardcover books designed to be entirely rigid.

The library binding process is a precise way of re-binding books that is used by libraries in order to increase the book and magazine durability.

What is soft cover binding?

Soft Cover Binding is a binding process including several variants that are based upon client needs. These might be something such as annual corporate reports, yearbooks, fiction books, brochures, graphic novels, etc.

What is the difference between hardback and hardcover?

Hardcover books are books that usually have a thick protective cover. Hardcover books often have a paper or leather dust jacket over the main cover. The aim of hardcover is protection and durability. In addition, there is a difference in the type of paper used to print hardcover books. The paper used is long-lasting acid-free type.

What are the types of binding methods for making hardcover notebooks?

Saddle-stitching is typically the easiest providing that the right tools for the job are available, and it is also the most economical binding method. In this process, the book pages will be folded, and then creased, and finally stapled together using a unique stapler with extra long jaws that is  designed to be used for saddle stitching.

What is the minimum number of pages for hardcover binding?

For your printed book only order, your binding options are a result of your page count. If you are going to select a perfect binding or hard cover for a book, then the book will need a minimum of 24 pages in the book.

Is paperback or hardcover better?

It really depends upon the preference of the reader. Often paperback books are more portable and used for quick reading, but hardcover books are treated more like a work of art – something to be saved on a shelf. Hardcover books should be more durable than the average paperback book, but there do exist some quality paperbacks are very well made and durable. Other than that, and the final price, there is no real difference.


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