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New York Binding Services

Book Binding Services in NYC

Booking Binding

Bookbinding is a specialization based on the measuring, cutting, and gluing of sheets of paper. When finished, a book requires about twenty-plus operations, but sometimes it can be more than that based on specific styles and required materials. Every part of the book binding operation has an order. This process depends on the accurate completion of each prior step with a small margin of error.

Cutting and Trimming Services in NYC

Cutting & Trimming

Cutting and trimming are what occurs during the post printing and finishing process. Although this process may seem straightforward, there is a real skill and process behind it. During the binding and finishing operations, cutting and trimming is done in order to reduce large press sheets down to a specific trim size. This includes the process of separating pages that have been stuck to a single sheet, and it also helps to remove extraneous edges.

Folding Services in NYC


Folding is the processing of folding a sheet press inside of a signature. This is completed through the use of special devices referred to as folders. Folding is typically done in order to create magazines, brochures, newspaper inserts, newspapers maps, and more. Book signatures are considered folded-to-print. This means the folds are created in a way that ensures the headers, folios, footers, and other page elements are aligned from page to page.

Perfect Binding Services in NYC

Perfect Binding

In the binding and finishing process, perfect binding is one of the most common and often used. The process entails applying an adhesive material to the spine of the pages which will keep them securely bound together. It is common for a soft paper or paperboard or paperback cover to be attached to the binding adhesive area. The most traditional publications utilizing perfect binding are: paperback books, catalogs, catalogs and premium magazines.

Saddle Stitching Services in NYC

Saddle Stitching

In the binding and finishing process, saddle stitch binding is done by placing staples into the centerfold of a group of signatures. Most magazines and booklets tend to be bound using saddle-stitching. In many cases, perfect binding has replaced saddle-stitching, but saddle-stitching is still one of the more effective and economical methods of book binding.

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