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Die Cutting Services in New York City

Work With One of the Finest Die Cutting Companies In New York

Printing is a fascinating and ever-evolving process which never fails to impress us. If printing is a show-stopper, then print finishing is the one that takes the center stage.

One of the common option adopted by our clients in print finishing is die cutting. You can use it to produce unique shapes, message windows, multidimensional surfaces, boxes and much more. As crude as it may sound, die cutting isn’t an complex process, it is like making a cookie cutter for your printed material.

Our Die Cutting Process

Die cutting is a really crucial part of VSL Print finishing process when creating something for print. It comes after a print-job that has been run through the printing-press and is ready for trimming and finishing in whatever fashion the piece requires.

Our die cutting process entails the use of a specialized thin razor-sharp steel blade tool known as a die. The die is shaped, affixed on a base and mounted to a printing press similar to an antiquated letterpress and is then used to shape the print material using a press.

Our Die Cutting Process in NYC
We provide Custom Die Cutting Services

We provide Custom Die Cutting Services

You can use die cutting as both a decorative and functional process . It is a reasonably flexible technology which can achieve tons of diverse shapes and purposes for your finishing.

You can create flaps, holes, rounded corners, windows or pop-ups for solely attention-grabbing, or decorative, as well as the core process for creating the shapes of products like boxes, folders, bags, etc.

 We Can Help With Custom Die Cut Projects

If you’ve ever seen an advert in the-shape of a baseball, or a kids-menu in the shape-of an animal, then you’ve seen our die cutting ability.

Other typical examples of our die cutting services include slits in a printed piece to hang on a doorknob, the curved corners of business-cards, or the perforations along the-top of a business form.

Yes, these are all cut with dies. In each of these, we curved the metal and bent them into your desired shape and then placed onto a kind of press that cuts the paper to the form. The limitation relate to the manipulation and bending of the metal itself. 

Die cutting is mostly preferred by clients for larger, less intricate shapes and is therefore not suitable for very complex shapes.

If you’ve a very intricate design in mind, then you can opt for other cutting options, such as laser cutting. But for most print finishing projects, this is the most-straight forward and cost effective technique.

We Can Help With Custom Die Cut Projects in NYC

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Besides die cutting services, we also provide other finishing services such as CoatingEmbossing, Engraving, Foil Stamping, Gilding, Indexing, Laminating, Letterpress and much more.

Our team has combined decades of experience in Die Cutting projects and we can help advise you in your next project. Reach out to us today and we can give you feedback regarding your plans. Contact us today – we look forward to working with you!

Common FAQs

What is the process of die cutting?

Die cutting is generally used in reference to the process of cutting a material. This happens when pressing a die into a material like folding carton boards or corrugated boards for packaging purposes. Or, it is often used with leather to  make shoes, by cutting the material into a shape that has been outlined by the die. It can also refer to the process of making the die itself.


How does die cutting work?

The die cutting process is actually quite simple. A die is placed upon the cutting material, typically taped down, and then the ensemble is pressed in-between two plates. This sandwich is next passed through a die-cutting machine and it sequentially cuts out the intended design.


What does die cut sticker mean?

A die cut sticker is a sticker precisely cut to be a unique shape that will custom fit a logo or artwork. The phrase “die cut sticker” is not quite accurate since the original stickers were once cut using metal dies fabricated based upon the design.


Is it die cut or dye cut?

This is a typical grammatical error. The word dye is used in the context of inks and changing the color of a material. Die cutting is done on either flatbeds or rotary presses. And, rotary die cutting is often done inline.


What materials can be die cut?

Plastic and plastic films are among the most common materials used for die cutting. Foam, thin metal sheet, rubber, and fiber are also commonly used for die cutting. The hardness of the material will have the most impact on the methods of die cutting that can be used.


What is die cut design?

“Die cut” really just means to cut a specific piece of material. In this case, adhesive paper will be cut into specific forms and shapes with a metal die. This is completed by either cutting out a shape or removing pieces to form the actual shape of a piece of artwork.


How does rotary die cutting work?
Rotary die cutting is a process that works with a custom cylindrical die that then cuts when pressed against a hardened anvil roll. A die cutting machine is controlled through the use of motors that allow for precision die cutting.


What is laser die cutting?
What is laser die cutting? The laser die cutting process occurs when a high-speed laser is used to cut through substrates. The great thing about lasers is that they can be used to make various cuts without needing to actually touch the material being cut.


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