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Foil Stamp Printing In New York

Foil stamping is an artistic printing process using a combination of pressure, heat, foil film and meal dies to create shiny designs and shiny, metallic graphics on a wide range different materials. The process has evolved gradually from similar processes that used to exist a number of years ago. It is not a new concept invented by an individual.

Foils are available in various assortment of optical effects, finishes and colors. Today, the metallic foils typically used are silver foils, gold foils, copper foils and even holographic metallic foils are used from time to time. Foils are also available in in solid colors of both matte and glossy finishes.

Foil stamping is becoming the most preferred printing method in most industries as it gives an incredible and shiny to a stamped design. The process is also referred to as dry stamping, leaf stamping, foil printing and hot stamping. It is called hot stamping due to the involvement of heat and dry printing because the printing process does not involve the use of any kind of heat. There are different types of foil stamping depending on the design needs.

Hot Foil Stamping Services

The dry printing process does not involve the use of ink, plates and some sorts of magnetism as used in traditional printing process. Instead, it uses foil, heat, dies, and curved plates in the whole stamping process.

The process involves the sculpted or die coming in contact with the foil and hen a thin layer of the foil film transferred onto the target surface. As the metal plate becomes heated up, the foil sticks to the surface only in the plate’s design and the intended areas with the target imprint.

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Foil Press Professionals in NYC


Before getting to the process, it is worth noting that there are two types of foil stamping machines; pneumatic and manual. Pneumatic foil stampers are air powered and are used mostly in commercial print shops that involves high volume tasks.

The whole process relies on the following:

  1. The Die – This is basically the metal plate made of magnesium, copper or brass with a reversed image that is raised from the surface.
  2. The Foil – Generally, the foil is manufactured on a film that is made up of heat-activated adhesive, pigment and clear mylar.
  3. The Recipient – It is what you intend to foil stamp. This can be a greeting card, business card, certificates, letterhead, invitation cards, and pocket folders among others.


New York Gold Foil Stamping Services

In its simplest from, foil stamping relies of three main things, pressure, heat and time. The foil film is placed between the receiving material and heated metal. The foil is then pressed by the die onto the receiving material while the adhesive is activated by the heat.

The foil then fuses onto the item’s surface under pressure after which it is released from the carrier in every surface where the raise image has been properly pressed. The foil may blister or bubble in case the time seems to be too short or the heat is too low or the edges of the image may appear to be ragged or rough. One important thing to note about foil is that you can find variety of stuffs form colors, gloss, dull, holographic, and dull. Apparently, one is not limited to just metallic effects.

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VSL Print is One of the Top NYC Custom Foil Stamping Company

VSL Print specializes in Coating, Die Cutting, Embossing, Engraving, Foil Stamping, Gilding, Indexing, Laminating, Letterpress and much more. Our experienced team can help you to flesh out the foil stamping designs you have in mind and make them a reality. Our team has years of combined experience when it comes to working with foils.

If you have a project in mind, feel free to run it by our experts and we can help you troubleshoot any problems you might be facing – or find a better solution to arrive at the outcome you want to create.

Foil stamping requires experience and a solid understanding of how the materials will work together – both during the process and over the long run. Be sure to work with a team that knows what they are doing.

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