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New York City Engraving Services

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Engraving is a well-known high end practice of the finishing process, which is generally in small runs for luxury materials. Our process is done by forming an impression on metal plates, which are then filled with ink and pressed into paper to create very detailed raised printed areas.  Engraving presses are not as large as other finishing presses such as embossing presses, so it is not as effective for larger runs. on the other hand, the engraving process is unique in that is can hold the finest detail of any process.

Invitation Engraving

Engraving is generally used on very fine detailed projects. It is commonly used for invitations, such as weddings or other high end events. The engraving process leaves the printed material with a very elegant look and feel, which is why this is the process chosen for more luxury occasions.

invitation engraving services
Offset Printing wedding invitations

We engrave on most materials

However engraving is not only used for invitations. Many brands require the engraving process to hold the fine lines and details of logos or other branded materials.

VSLPrint.com offers a wide range of products with engraving, such as business cards, folders, Invitations, book covers etc.   It sometimes requires a professional to choose the right finishing process to best achieve the desired look of the creative.

Our team is hear to consult with you and advise on the production best method that suits the project at hand.

Other finishing services in NYC

We specialize in Coating, Die Cutting, Embossing, Engraving, Foil Stamping, Gilding, Indexing, Laminating, Letterpress and much more.

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