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instltin1To define what digital poster printing is you must understand what digital printing is.

So, what is digital printing?

This is a method of printing in which a digitally based image is printed directly to a range of media.

It is usually referred to as professional printing method in which small-sized digital images from computers are transformed into larger printed file formats using inkjet printers or high-volume lasers.

Normally, digital printing services in New York is more costly than traditional printing methods. However, such costs are traded off with the difficulty that comes with the rigorous methodology of developing printing plates during the conventional printing process.

Therefore, digital poster printing is a digital printing mechanism in which small-sized computer-based images are printed on a 9 mm photo paper in either semi or high gloss in full color on either of the sides.

The side chosen for printing must be laminated thereafter to produce a large-sized digital poster that ranges from as small as 12” x 12” to as huge as 59” x 100” image prints.


How Does It Work?

This method printing does not strikingly differ from other digital printing methods in New York. The only difference is that, while digital printing is an umbrella term used for any other digital printing processes, digital posters follows its own distinct methodology. In order to print a digital poster, the plate of the image to be printed must first be created.

This is simply for the reason that the ink must stick to the plate before the required colors are mapped and the image transferred to the printing paper. This process does not involve stamping of the image, but rather drawing it out with tiny dots. These dots also act as the parameters by which to gauge the sharpness and clarity of the image. The more the dots per inch, the more clear the image, and the appealing the poster.

So, how do you achieve this?

Prior to sending the image to be created into the digital poster printer, it must first be converted into the correct format: GIF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP raster image files.

A raster image file is a digital image with both X and Y – coordinates for dot allocation provisions.

Provisions that form part of the printing instruction sent to the printer with clear guidelines on the specific areas to concentrate the dots for clear and sharper digital poster.


201704130120The applications of this printing method are many and its benefits from cost effectiveness to flexible designs to durability, etc are highly needed by a range of companies and businesses.

These are advantages that all NYC companies in the marketing industry, architecture, art and photo retouching, and modeling will want to benefit from.

The architectural designers, for example, always prefer to present their drawings in bigger posters to their clients for the sake of not only clarity, but also durability due to lengthened exposure periods. In addition, as compared to traditional printing methods, digital poster printings offer flexible designs thus making it easier to produce high-quality print images.


Companies that Benefit

Other companies in New York that benefit from this mode of printing are the printing companies, advertising and marketing firms. Many advertisers and marketers prefer roadside billboards and posters as a convenient means of propagating and promoting a given brand to potential clients.

Therefore, with the fact that it is easier to print big posters with longer exposure periods, advertisers and markets are likely to benefit from such digital printing programs. It also presents a good opportunity to those involved in the fine art industry.

Almost all artists prefer clear images, and digital posters comes with such benefits.

Of course, not to mention photo retouching and modeling industry with their preference for clear and sharp images.



A good example on how you can use digital poster is in printing out NYC architectural drawings that are usually big in size.

These drawings always contain many details that must be clearly visible to the clients and builders.

However, since digital poster printing uses the dots to increase image sharpness and clarity, it provides the best avenue for producing such drawings.

Furthermore, the method can be used to print images in not just fine art industry, but also photo retouching and modeling.

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