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What do we offer in our NYC print shop?

Digital printing is a process in which documents are transferred on a personal computer or even any other electronic storage gadget to a printing substrate using another device that accepts graphic output and text. It is a printing method that enables a digital based image to be printed directly to several media.

It is also kind of professional printing in which small run jobs from digital sources get printed by use of large format or inkjet or high volume laser printers.

Just like it happens with many other digital processes, information is usually reduced to code or it is digitalized to enhance its reproduction and storage. Digital printing in New York City has become popular especially at the business and consumer level.

It has gained this high level popularity in different niches because of its cheap cost.

How we work in our New York print shop

digital1 1Most of the modern methods of printing including in jet printing and laser printing can be categorized as digital printing.

During this process, an image is usually sent to the printing machine by use of digital files like PDFs and those that are derived from graphics software like InDesign and Illustrator.

This helps in eliminating the need for you to have a printing plate that is usually used in offset printing. It also helps save both money and time because it is faster.

Since you do not have to create a plate, digital printing has led to faster printing and brought about printing on high demand.

You do not have to print pre determined and large runs. It is also possible for you to make requests to have just a single print. The good thing is that you still get high quality prints.

The advantages of working with a local print shop in New York City

Digital printing in New York might have higher cost per page compared to the traditional printing methods. However, this price is usually reduced because costs involved in all the technical steps that are needed to make the printing plates are eliminated.

The printing process also makes it possible to do on demand printing, quick turn around time and allow for the modification of the images that are used for each impression.

It helps save money in terms of labor costs meaning that if you use it in your business; you do not have to employ people to just do the printing work.

With its labor saving and increasing popularity of digital presses, it means that digital printing is reaching the level where it is better compared to offset printing methods. This is because it has the ability to print thousands of prints at a reduced cost.

You also save time when you use digital printing compared to when you use other traditional printing methods.

This is because there is no need for you to keep on replacing printing plates like it is done when you use the traditional printing methods. This is what leads to faster turn around time and reduced cost.


Examples of how our NY print shop services are being applied

large format printing in new york

As seen above, our printing company offers several benefits that can be used in wide range of applications.

Digital printing can be used in conjunction with desktop publishing for a variety of purposes. It is more efficient because you do not need to have printing plates.

It can also be applied in variable data printing whereby database driven print files for mass customization of printed materials are used.

201603110448 copyIt can also be applied in fine art or for advertising.

It is used for outdoor banner promotions and also in event signage, billboards, trade promotions, retail businesses and their point of their sale or even purchase.

Our New York print shop is also used in customized or individualized direct mail campaigns.

We work heavily in the photography industry because of our ability to color correct and customize photos before being printed printed. In architectural design, we have done great work printing floor graphics and wall murals.

We offer printing services that can be used in a spectrum of different businesses in New York City as long as they need printing work to be done.

It does not only ensure efficiency in day to day running in businesses, but also makes it easy and cheap for them to do their advertising and marketing.