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How NYC Large Format Custom Signs Printing Services
can Help Your Business?



201603110448 copyIf we talk about large printing in NYC, we talk about printing in a surface from 18” or 45,7 cm to 100” or 2,54 m.

The mediums for large format printing range widely from banners, wallpaper, taxi tops, posters, trade show graphics, bus wraps, murals, taxi wraps, backlit film, utility vehicle image wrap prints, architectural outlines and drawings, construction plans, theater sets backdrops and media set backdrops, and many other large format prints, artwork or large format signage.

No matter where you are in New York City, all you can see is large format printing in all kind of size and shape.

Either on the car, on the wall, as billboard, on the store, they are just everywhere. Well, it does not mean that you are addicted to this way of communication, it just means that many people thought that this way is an effective way for promotion and marketing.


Large Signs Will Help You Promote Your Business

Unknown 4 e1474229571336With large format printing, you can promote and advertise your products, no matter how much your budget is.

The wide range options of the media to use makes it flexible and you can use it based on your budget and your purpose. There are few type of ink transfer from this printing:

Aqueous or water-based ink printing for custom sign printing

There are two varieties of water-based ink. The first is dye ink. This ink offers a wide option of colors.

Another variation is UV ink. This ink does not have many options of colors like dye ink does, but it last longer under the sun.

This ink must be covered to protect them from UV rays and make them last longer. If you use UV ink, you don’t necessarily need a laminated cover, but it does last longer if you give a coat when you use UV ink. This ink is used for some media, such as canvases, banners, metabolized plastic, and cloth. Solvent.

This type of ink is representing any ink that is not water-based. This ink is waterproof and you don’t need to give a coat above it. You can use this ink for materials like vinyl, painted/coated metal, foam board and PVC.

This ink is more durable as water-based ink. There are some varieties of this ink, which are true/full solvent, medium/mild solvent, and eco-solvent. True/full solvent and medium/mild solvent have strong fume and odor that decrease over time, whereas eco-solvent has a minimal or tolerable fume and odor.



Dye sublimation printing custom signage in NYC

If you want to have a media with a photographic quality, you can use this ink. You can use this ink for various materials such as plastic, card, paper, or fabric. This ink is waterproof; however, it is not anti-UV.

So, with this ink you still need a layer for your media. UV-curable ink. This ink is also known as UV.

Some inks are waterproof, but are not UV resistant. Some inks are UV resistant, but are not waterproof. This ink is both waterproof and UV-resistant.

This ink dries even better under UV rays. Though this ink can be used for any media, this ink fit better for polymer, ceramics, glass, metals, and woods. Pen/plotter. This method is to draw something for many materials. There are two kinds of plotter, which are electrostatic plotters and cutting plotters. The quality of electrostatic plotters for large format is not as good as manual plotters. Cutting plotter cut materials with a precise way into a piece of material, like paper, mylar, or vinyl.

This ink is usually use for CAD drawing. However, this method is not commonly use or even replaced by water-based ink, solvent ink, and UV ink. Some ink needs a laminate cover.

There are two types of laminate cover, which are crystal laminate, matte laminate, and gloss laminate. With crystal laminate, the colors of your media are brighter and not too flare, so your media can be seen clearly. Mate laminate works to reduce to the glare of your medium.

Gloss laminate has the effect to give your medium a glossy look like a photograph. Moreover, you should consider the width of a laminate cover. The maximal width of a laminate cover is 56” or 142,24 cm.

The maximal width of a crystal laminate is even smaller, which is 48” or 121,92 cm. Another aspect to consider about is the resilience of the medium. Some mediums have different characteristic with other mediums.

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