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VSL Print’s Capabilities for Printing Large Prints in NYC



Printing services are meant to get one’s business noticed in the market. Large format print NYC works for banners, signage, building wraps and all other media requiring large prints. Different kinds of printing and promotional options are available nowadays, and all of them have specific advantages and limitations.

VSL Print’s Capabilities for Printing Large Prints in NYC

As far as our print capabilities are concerned, we can generate large format prints that can be used over various mediums to convey powerful marketing messages to the target audience. Such mediums can include print banners, signage, building wraps, posters, trade show graphics, vehicle wraps, printing taxi tops, etc. There are various benefits concerned with the said kind of printing. One of the things that make this printing highly preferred these days are its size and flexibility. It is all due to its flexibility and size that can help one to make a unique statement among the audience.

Most of the companies try to reach to their target audience by spending less. In this regard, if they go for options like direct mail campaigns, they may have to spend a lot in printing the marketing content, but opting for large format banner printing service can save money as there are various cost-effective options including vehicle wraps, building signage, posters, etc.

Choosing an NYC large print company for your next campaign

While looking for a professional NYC printing company, there are some important considerations. The first thing is the kind of image being used in the print job. The image should be sharp and clear enough that can make the audience to understand the business objectives and ideas. Another point of consideration is the type of banner is either indoor or outdoor. If outdoor banners are selected, one is required to think about the factors including the sun, UV inks, the wind, etc.

It is also important to ensure the large print company uses high quality printing equipment. For printing projects, the most advanced technology and  equipment are required to offer the latest innovations in banners, signage, posters or other print product with the ideal size, substrates, quality, and flexibility. To develop a quality banner, signage or poster printing solution for your company, you can consider essential factors like type of business promotion, project strategy, and cost. Thus, it can be said that with certain printing considerations, one can expect better marketing and sales results.

Get your large format banner print done right

When designing your banner, it would be a good idea to make use of as many vector based images as you can. They make use of small file sizes for images and prevent your computer from hanging or processing large files. When you work with multiple images and color schemes, these is a chance that a printing company using older technology might experience hardware/software complications. You want to be sure your printer is using the latest software and hardware to ensure that the work is completed in a streamlined manner without surprises. Most designers also make use of raster images. For this, you will have to calculate the resolution you need to work with based on the complete design that you have. You can then link them up externally rather than embed the design. You will have to inform your printer of these parameters as well.

For the color scheme that you have, it would be a good idea to stick to process colors. Ensure that your company logo is a particular spot color. Also speak with the NYC printing services company on the kind of printers used, as most large format printers make use of ink jets. The main idea of a large format printout is that it be legible from a distance. When you want to create an effective copy, you have to ensure that you are using a font that is not too convoluted and which can easily be read from a distance. The color scheme should be balanced and such that your text does not get lost in the color backgrounds. Finally, always take a step back from your monitor – and evaluate the design. You will be able to figure out what works and what will not. Designers tend to focus on minor details which they should not. It is your role to notice any errors.

Print your next large print at our NYC print company

Contact us today regarding your large format printing needs. We are an experienced and professional print shop with the ability and technology needed for all your printing needs including digital printing from NYC and offset printing from NYC. Speak with one of our large format printing experts today.