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Let’s Try Working with a large format printer New York 
for signage printing

Working with a large format printer New York for signage printing purposes might be a mystery to you.

  1. How does it work?
  2. Does your business need it?
  3. What can it do for you?

Perhaps you just don’t know if that form of advertising is the right fit.

Let’s break it down and find out how Varick Street Litho can help with your organization’s printing needs.

Large format printing that is literally larger than life

Large format prints consists of bus wraps, building wraps, barricades signage, posters, billboards, and even wallpaper.

Since your material is large as the name suggest, it does grab a lot of attention for retail displays, luring customers into a store and get them to try a new product or service.

Large format signage printing is precisely what it implies – the printing of signs.

Here are some of the ways our clients in New York City have used our large format printing services:

  1. Business name/ Store Front
  2. Business name/ Vinyl Window Cling
  3. Event Name, date, info, location, etc!
  4. Homes for Sale
  5. Political Race
  6. Supporting a Cause
  7. Product Display and information
  8. Directional instructions
  9. Contact Information


What does large format signage do?

Signs grab your audience’s attention and do your work for you.

They say what you would say to each person who walks by if you were personally there to speak with them.

“Walk this way, not that way.”

“Buy this product because…”

“This is what our brand stands for.”

Signs convey information through a variety of means, not all of which are obvious.


The color psychology involved in our large format printing and design services

Color psychology is one way to grab your attention and make a lasting impression.

Here’s a great example.

Have you ever heard the term, “Seeing red?”

You know that it means a lot of aggression or energy. The color red is often associated with action, energy, and excitement, as well as aggression.

So, why did Red Bull make their bulls and their logo RED?

They wanted an image that would pack the same punch their drink does!


What does the size of your sign “say”?

Size has A LOT to do with impact as well.

A small sign set out on a corner gets a lot less attention than a colorful bus or building wrap.

The bigger something is the more it draws us in and demands our attention.

Think of reading a menu. If you have a long list of menu items to read through, with one or two featured items that have big pictures on the page, which item are you more likely to purchase?

Your eye will be drawn to the item that is displayed with both color and size. A bunch of small items are subconsciously dismissed as mental clutter.


The appropriate use of negative space when printing large format signs

Negative space is what keeps you out of the category of mental clutter.

A large sign with bright colors typically has seven words or less.

There is plenty of white or negative space in the viewing area so that your eye is drawn to the important images.

If you fill up every inch of available space, the ad becomes visually overwhelming and we automatically dismiss it.

This is why smaller ads and signs don’t have the impact that large signage ads do.

Our brain crosses them out before we’ve even taken the time to really look at them.


The big impact of a large format sign grabs attention!

The impact of a large format signage for a business or retail space in NYC is enormous for all of the reasons above.

It gives the advertiser time to grab the viewer’s attention, present a concise, impactful message, and to crush out all of the competition in the process.

With a bus wrap, building wrap, billboard, custom wallpaper, or other form of high impact advertising your dollars are working a lot harder for you!

VSL Print, a top 3 printing company offers a range of printing services for new york city customers.

From digital printer New York, to offset printer New York, to signage installation, to graphic design, book binding and more… we have you covered.

Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists about your organization’s needs and goals.