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Picture frames have come a long way over the decades. The kinds of design and variety we get today is much more than what we use to have in the past. With the change in the taste and preferences of modern art lovers, the framers have come up with various styles and designs. The kind of materials which are used to make picture frames have broken all boundaries. These days you will get picture frame made up of glass, acrylic, stone, concrete, molded plastic, recycled materials, etc.

Though there are so many options available these days, wood and metal still forms the crux of framing materials. As these materials are easy to work with and are readily available, they have been the most favorite choice for picture framers since decades. Furthermore, these materials can be customized according to the need and requirement of the clients. Given below are various reasons why you should select these materials.

The benefits of Wood Picture Frames

Being a natural warm material, wood can be stained and painted in many beautiful colors. It is a classic material for picture frames probably that’s the reason it is the choice for picture framers since a long time. If you want a traditional look for your artwork, you can select wood as it will also match with your furniture. It brings a classic look along with it, making it even more elegant. You can select either a simple style or an ornate design with the best texture. Select a design and style which best suits your personality and goes along with the decor of your room.

The benefits of Metal Picture Frames

As against the traditional look of wood, metal picture frames give a modern outlook to your artwork. You can select a metal frame complementing with the decor of your room. Though you can paint the metal frames with a color of your choice, it has its own charm and character even without any color. The most important things which makes it a popular choice is its less damaging capacity. Even if it is damaged and broken from one side, it can easily be dismantled and the damaged side can be changed. It saves both your time and money as you do not have to buy a new one.Here are some of benefits of framing our pictures

How we can help you with your photo or art framing project

1. Custom frames give you the opportunity to be creative.

Even if you don’t like ready made frames in regular sizes, you can get custom frame made in regular sizes and choose the glazing, finishing and molding you want. You can choose the material. Most services offer custom frame in wood and metals.

2. Framing help in maintaining original appearance pictures.

Framing protects the art or picture or any other thing that you framed from usual wear and tear such as moisture, dust and heat and also thus helps in maintaining its original appearance. The framing material absorbs the heat and moisture and thus the framing subject does not discolor and remains as new always.

3. Framing enhances of the value of various pieces

A simple looking piece of diploma can be shown off in the study room or living room after it is framed and hung on the wall. A family picture can be shown off only once it’s framed and the frame adds grace to the picture and the living room.

4. Framing enhances presentation and quality of the room where the pieces of art are displayed.

One can create various themed decors with frames, cartoon room decor for kids, game room decor for sports lovers, art pieces decor for art lovers etc. However, make sure that the frames you choose matches the theme you chose. This can help in creating a distinct character to the every room in the house and thus the entire house. Evening having one or two frames can transform the look of your house, if they are chosen carefully.

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