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Engraving is a well-known practice through which you can have any design or words cut into a hard object. This process results in grooves being formed due to the cutting process. The outcome is an almost permanent mark, which is often done with the intention of creating a lasting memory. Many people gift engraved items to their loved ones. They believe that these will serve as brilliant gifts that will have a lasting memory. You can find many types of items that are commonly engraved with words and symbols. For example, it is common to have trophies at prestigious events with words, dates or symbols engraved on them.

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Engraving is easily carried out on flat surfaces as opposed to uneven ones. It also makes sense to use flat surfaces as it becomes quite difficult to read anything engraved on an uneven one. Commonly, metals that have words engraved in them include gold, silver, copper and any other suitable metal. They are also known to take the form of emblems and images. Besides metals, images and words are engraved in paper years ago. This process was used in artistic printmaking as well as for commercial reproductions and illustrations. These methods were widely used for books and periodicals. However, this method has been overshadowed by commercial photography. Additionally, it was a difficult technique for many to master, and since fewer people could manage it in comparison to photography, engraving in a paper was soon forgotten.


There are many facilities from where you can have items engraved. These places may also sell items that can be engraved, which means that you will only need to go to one place to obtain a gift item and also get it engraved. There are different types of engraving methods employed too that you can select from in order to produce just what you want. You can search online for services of this kind, but it would be better to visit your local market to get an idea of what all is available. You can check out the work on display in order to determine what your engraved items will look like when finished. When you are satisfied with what you can get, go ahead and place an order for a special gift for someone special.

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Varick Street Litho houses an entire finishing services department, providing clients with high quality, custom work. We keep our clients engaged throughout each step of our creative process in order to ensure our projects meet the client expectations and needs. Varick Street Litho can bring your vision to life with our highly skilled finishing team. We serve both the local New York area and with the ability to serve local, national and global markets. We specialize in Coating, Die Cutting, Embossing, Engraving, Foil Stamping, Gilding, Indexing, Laminating, Letterpress and much more. In addition to this, our other services include binding services, direct mail services, finishing services, printing services, installation services, and specialty services.

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