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For an embellished, elegant edge to your paper or book cover, guilding or gilding, is certainly an option. The added depth of color will add aesthetic value, but also help your print stand out as a luxury product. It is a highly specialized process, and can provide an added layer of quality that, if carried out by a trained professional and subsequently treated with the appropriate care, can last a lifetime. Traditionally, the metallic substance added to edges of metals, ceramic and papers was gold, hence the name. However, modern techniques and issues surrounding price mean that silver or foil are often used in the process, but providing a similar end result. The process has been in use since the time of Ancient Rome, and was already such a refined technique that many hand-gilders still perform the process in a similar way. However, a large proportion of gilding is now done mechanically.

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The process of guilding differs depending on the surface to which the gilding is being applied, but in all instances it is a highly-skilled process. Professional gilders take great care with papers and print especially. While extreme heat is used for metallic or ceramic surfaces, this is reduced in the case of books and paper, and an adhesive is used to compensate. The overlay method is the most used.

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In the case of bunched white paper, a chalk is applied to ensure that the pages do not stick together, but with coloured paper this is avoided so as to avoid staining. The paper is then clamped and sanded along the edges, to ensure that it is as smooth as possible. In the case of paper already sporting a bevelled edge, extreme care is taken to fix a suitable angle so that the bevelling is not damaged during the sanding process. At this point, the gilder will apply a thin adhesive to the edge of the paper with a light brush, and then the gilding material is placed over the top of the entire paper, like an overlay. The material used to gild is incredibly thin; in the case of gold, it has been hammered to less than half the thickness of standard paper, so it is very delicate. The gold will stick to the adhesive part of the paper, and at this point a heated roller is used to permanently seal the gold to the adhesive. Once this is done, the foil can be peeled away from the non-adhesive part of the paper.

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All Edges Gilt (AEG) paper is very striking, especially when applied to white paper. There is no added thickness, and the gold hue is subtle, becoming more vivid if a number of gilded papers are stacked together. It is also common for paper to be Top Edge Gilt (TEG) only. You can expect a modern gilt to be fairly durable, and not to be damaged by water. However, as the process involved a delicate material on a smooth surface, rough surfaces or chemical wipes can easily destroy gilding. In the case of large amounts of gilding – on book covers and spines, for example – it is important to keep surfaces out of direct sunlight, and custom-made cases are often made to protect gilded paper and books from damage when not in use.

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