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Letterpress refers to a printing process in which several copies get produced by application of repeated direct impression. The impression is in the form of a surface that is inked and raised against a continuous paper roll or sheets of papers. This form of printing also includes other types such as linoleum blocks, wood engravings and others. It is one of the most elegant craftsmanship that has lasted for several centuries. The printing is timeless and results into an elegant impression onto the paper.

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In the past, letterpress involved arrangement of blocks of a type that is movable into a caddy. This makes it to form words from the letters that are combined. This type was used in making letters; therefore, the characters were created in a reverse. In addition, all words had to be arranged in reverse. Images would be incorporated in letterpress prints, but they had to be etched in either metal or wood, thus making it to take a lot of time.

With the development of modern techniques it is now possible for graphics and texts to be produced onto a flexible plate. This makes it possible to have the necessary difference in terms of height to come up with similar clean print with the etched images and moveable type. However, they are produced using light and photo sensitive chemicals. The plates are referred as photopolymer plates and they are the ones that are used in creating letterpress plates.

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Once you have these plates in place, you are now ready to print. You need to prepare the press, trim your paper and mix the ink using your hand. You should then place the plate onto the press and each of the pieces is printed one by one. In letterpress each color needs its own plate and an extra run through the press. After you do this, then you need to trim the press and each of the pieces needs to be checked for high quality. The final product you get through letterpress is quite impressive. You will get products that are attractive because of their embossed effect that makes them more interesting and tangible. Letterpress also makes your work to look unique and more outstanding. It is possible for you to get highly customized products that make you stand out among most others. This is also a process that works perfectly if you are the kind of a person who likes personalized items. It is possible to have short run prints that are easy to personalize to meet your specific needs.

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Regardless of the cost, the products you get through letterpress look well thought out thus making it distinct from others. You can use the products for special events such as anniversaries, weddings or birthdays. Another great thing to expect is that the final products looks more real. This is because the process leads to more solid work that everyone can appreciate and admire to have for their personal use.




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