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New York City paper and document folding

New York City Paper Folding Services


 Folding is the processing of folding a sheet press inside of a signature.  This is completed through the use of special devices referred to as folders. Folding is typically done in order to create magazines, brochures, newspaper inserts, newspapers maps, and more. Book signatures are considered folded-to-print. This means the folds are created in a way that ensures the headers, folios, footers, and other page elements are aligned from page to page. Other printed materials (especially sheets printed on just one side) are considered to be folded-to-paper. Folding-to-paper is normal in the situations when all the sheets exist independently of one another.

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There are two categories of folds that can be applied to a sheet of paper: 1. a right-angle fold (made at a 90º angle to the previous fold); 2. a parallel fold in the same direction as earlier folds. The combination of parallel folds and right-angle folds in various locations on a sheet of paper that create the wide array of folding combinations. Examples include: the accordion fold, the gatefold, the French fold, the over-and-over fold, and the letter fold. Overall, the number of folds done to a press sheet is what determines the number of pages/leaves in the signature.


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Folding machines are fast, engineered devices using a combination of rollers and knife blades to quickly and accurately fold paper sheets. There are two basic types of folder: a knife folder and a buckle folder. Each folder is used for different types of jobs. Right angle folds are typically folded with knife folders, and parallel folds are often completed using buckle folders. On the other hand, lighter-weight papers do better with a buckle folder, and heavier-weight paper is usually folded using a knife folde


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