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3 Ways on How You Can Design Your Billboard in Illustrator

Learn how to design billboard.

The most important form of marketing communication is advertising. It is good to get right response from the target audience by advertising. Businesses use advertising to accomplish varied goals, and companies place those ads in diverse media. Billboard was designed to promote your business event, exhibition and service through print and web medium.

Work with VSL Print ,if you need professional help.



Learn how to create billboard advertisement in adobe illustrator

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Read the full article about how to prepare images and graphics for large print sizes like outdoor advertisements and billboards from this link :


Easy video tutorial explaining how to setup the document and prepare images and graphics for a 20 x 32 feets billboard advertisement inside Adobe illustrator.


In this 3rd video, you will learn how to design Flex, billboard, Banner. Bought to you by a graphics design agency in New York City.