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Taxi Top Installation Service for New York City

The Best Taxi Top Advertising Signs Printing and Installation in New York

Customized vehicle top signs are the perfect advertising solution for many local businesses including flower delivery services, food delivery services, or other businesses with a local presence. VSL Print offers multiple styles of illuminated and standard taxi top signs to display advertisements. The magnetic taxi toppers are designed to be placed a vehicle’s roof. The taxi tops are a durable mobile advertising solution available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and designs.

We can Design and Install Taxi Top led Display Signs

Taxi signage originated as a way to display a vehicle was a taxi. Eventually, it dawned on someone that taxi top was a prime mobile advertising space.

We can also design and install larger magnetic taxi signs to be used for advertising purposes on a vehicle roof when it is stationary. These customized taxi top signs come in a variety of sizes and colors and are legal in most areas.

We can Design and Install all NYC Taxi Top led Display Signs
Premium Design and Installation of Taxi Top Signs for Sale

Premium Design and Installation of Taxi Top Signs for Sale

Taxi cab companies still use taxi rooftop signs but so do many other businesses as well. VSL Print can design, fabricate and install car toppers for taxis and normal vehicles.

A taxi top creates a valuable exposure point for businesses such as spas, medical clinics, entertainment centers, restaurants, professional services, and more.

Begin to Use Digital Taxi Top Advertising

Keep in mind that for digital taxi top signs to be effective, they must be simple and clear because they will only be seen by people for a few seconds at max.

For this reason, the marketing message must be concise and action-oriented. The design of taxi top signs has to be something that grabs a passerby’s attention and clearly displays relevant contact information or a website.

Begin to Use Digital Taxi Top Advertising in NYC

VSL Print Can Turn a Taxi Top into a Moving Advertisement…


The indoor and outdoor signage installations that you select for your organization need to have an influence on the feelings of your target audience. VSL provides a wide range of large format and signage capabilities. We offer various production substrates and installation options for any location. Our services include billboard installation, poster installation, taxi top installation, car wrapping, bus wraps, barricade graphic installation, vinyl graphics installation, banners installation, building sign installation, scaffolding sign installation, office sign installation, and everything in between.

Furthermore, Varick Street Litho houses a whole graphic design department, offering their customers with distinct, brand-new work. We keep our customers engaged during each action of the development process to ensure the output meets the concept guidelines, embodies their vision, and attracts the end customers.


VSL Print has an innovative graphics group and VSL Print are capable of bringing your vision to life. We serve both the local New York City area and have the capacity to work with local, national and worldwide customers. Think of Varick Street Litho for the future print project. Additionally, VSL Print’s other offerings include Direct Mail Services and Printing Services.


VSL Print is at the cutting edge of custom services that facilitate a printing project. Serving both the local New York City area and having the ability to work with regional, nationwide and international customers. Varick Street Litho offers an entire graphics department, offering clients with distinct, new finished projects. Varick Street Litho keeps our clients engaged throughout each part of the production process so as to ensure the job fulfills brand name plans, fulfills their ideals, and attracts the target market. Varick Street Litho has an imaginative graphic design group and Varick Street Litho can bring your vision.

Feel free to contact us now to discover how VSL Print might assist your upcoming projects.

Common FAQ on Taxi Top Installation

What is the thing on top of a taxi called?
The taxi top can display cab information.

How much does it cost to advertise on a taxi?
It is estimated that ads placed on taxi tops and trunks range from $800 to $2,000 for approximately a month while a full taxi-cab wrap can costs as much as $1,950 for the same period. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates.

How do you advertise on a taxi cab?

1. Select the Cities.
2. Opt for the Preferred Taxi Ad Format.
3. Estimate what Dedicated Dollar Amount will be.
4. Choose a Date to Start the Ads.
5. Connect With a Taxi Advertising Company for a No-Obligation Proposal.

How can I promote my taxi business?
Marketing Strategies That Will Work For Your Taxi Business:

Fleet Branding – Fleet is one of the most visible parts to your customer when it comes to transportation business.

Get into Online Marketing – Online marketing is one of the best and least expensive ways to promote a business.

Which digital screen type to buy for taxi top advertising?

There are a few considerations when trying to decide between a LED and LCD display. These include the viewing distance, the physical location of a display, the usage environment, and sort of content that will be advertised.

Consideration LCD taxi top screen LED taxi top screen
Image quality The pixel pitches range between 0.5-0.6mm.
Standard contrast and resolution.
Pixel pitches range between 2 to 6mm.
Deep saturated colors and wide color gamut.
Ambient light tolerance The LCD display needs more light control in an outdoor  environments. Highest contrast in ambient light.
Color quality Good color rendering. True RGB color space and rendering.
Reliability Image retention can be an issue.
Ranges from 30,000-50,000 hours.
Typically not suited for 24/7 operation.
No image retention issues. Estimated 100,000 hours until half brightness. Created for 24 hour continuous operation.
Best operating environment LCD tends to be sensitive to high & low temperatures. Covers a much wider range of high and temperatures.
Ease of maintenance Not field serviceable. In the case that  pixels are defective, all panels need to be replaced. LED components are able to be repaired quickly on site. Individual defective pixels easy to replace.
Cost Relatively high.

Relatively low.

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