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3 Great Tutorial Guides on How to Do Perfect Binding

DIY : Do your Own Perfect Binding


You will learn two ways to do perfect binding. First method is Single Sheet. Second method is with Folded Sheets.


Binding Professional Paperbooks Quickly with Ease


Jim Kelly gives a thorough introduction to professional perfect binding using the Fastback® Model 20 tape binding machine by Powis Parker.

Perfect bound books have full bleed wraparound covers that adhere directly to the inner pages of your book, making a paperback document in any size up to 12 inches in length.

The heat of the Fastback® bind cycle previously made perfect binding toner-based covers very difficult, as the toner would melt off the sheet. With our innovative spine protector sleeve, however, we’ve figured out a method to create a very strong perfect bind without compromising the way the cover looks.

For more information on perfect binding with the Fastback® document binding system, please call us toll free at (855) 880-7500 or visit our Fastback® Model 20 webpage at:  https://www.saddlepointsystems.com/fastback-tape-binding-machines/powis-model-20/

For questions related to the binding process itself, the different equipment and supplies required and the cost to make perfect bound documents, be sure to visit our in-depth article on perfect binding where we answer the most frequently asked questions about making perfect-bound books



How to Do Traditional Book Binding

Let’s take a look at how books were produced before the evolution of industrial publishing equipments. While they are mass produce now by binding company services, book binding used to be meticulously handcrafted one at a time by talented book binders.

This trade still exist but is now a specialty service that is not found on regular book New York Printing Shops.