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A poster frame is a simple frame that is used to protect your special posters. They will also add a polished, finished touch to this particular type of wall art. To help you know what you are looking for a poster frame looks like a simple picture frame. This type of frame will often make use of the same types of materials that regular picture frames are made of. In addition to the simple, inordinate poster frame you can also find some that are decorative and ornate.


Your basic frame for a frame is normally composed of plastic components which easily fight together to help protect that special poster. The frame consists of several pieces which are:


• A cardboard backing
• Four side pieces that snap into place once you have the poster positioned the way you want it.
• A clear plastic cover that you use the same way as you would the glass in a regular picture frame, which is to protect your poster.
• A transparent sheet of plastic
• A hook that is attached to the rear of the cardboard backing so you can hang it as you would a regular picture.


The more decorative, ornate frames are constructed in a similar manner as the simple ones but they are made on a larger scale. There are some that you do not have snap together and instead, the frame proper may be attached with a slot at the bottom or top of the frame so you can just slide the poster into the frame. The larger more ornate poster frames also use Plexiglas or regular glass instead of the clear plastic cover. Most of these larger frames are also made of wood or metal whereas many of the simple poster frames are made of plastic.


Poster frames can be enhanced with the use of a mat, thus highlighting the poster and elevating it into artwork. Use neutral colored mats to give the viewer a resting space for the eyes or go all out there and highlight your favorite aspect of the poster by having your mat match the color you most like (i.e. you have a “Thor” poster and add a gold and green double mat to show your preference for Loki in a subtle but clear way). You can also repurpose a poster frame; use it for photographs or your child’s drawings, even art prints. Thus giving you the chance to display all you want without breaking the piggy bank but still elegant and professionally done.


Using either type of poster frame will give you a great way of preserving these special posters, unlike the ones that you either use tacks or tape to secure them to your wall. You can use your poster frames to create a wall display of your favorite posters or by using a poster theme such as your favorite concert posters or movie posters. In addition, when using poster frames it makes it easier for you to display them in every room in the house. You can purchase the basic poster frames fabrication in many different hobby and craft stores or at different frame stores. Purchasing them at a hobby and craft store is less expensive. You may even be able to find some of the more ornate ones there also.

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Varick Street Litho is at the cutting edge of specialty printing and design services. Serving both the local New York area and with the ability to serve local, national and global markets. Varick Street Litho houses an entire graphic design department, providing clients with unique, new material. We keep our clients engaged throughout each step of our creation process in order to ensure the project meets brand guidelines, captures their vision, and appeals to customers. Varick Street Litho has a creative graphic design team and we can bring your vision to life. We serve both the local New York area and with the ability to serve local, national and global markets. We specialize in Specialty Services, Boutique Boxes, Custom Packaging Boxes, Custom Paper Bags, Frames, Gift Boxes, Retail Displays, Point Of Purchase Displays, Retail Display Signage, Retail Packaging, Window Displays, and much more.

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