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Companies know that posters are effective marketing tools in New York City. 

They can be given out as freebies, plastered around town, or even sold as souvenirs at certain events.

However, once you start your poster printing project, there is one major thing that you will need to consider – what type of printing method will you use?

Most printers will utilize digital printing or offset printing, with the latter being the most popular.

Varick Street Litho does some of the best offset printing NYC has to offer.

Here is a look at this form of printing.


What is Offset Printing for Posters?

Offset printing in New York is a common printing technique.

To create the final print image in this technique, a plate is made for the image. This plate transfers the ink to a rubber blanket, which in turn transfers or offsets the ink to the poster paper.

It may be used in conjunction with other processes, including the lithographic process.

To keep the colors from running, there is a flat image carrier that attracts the ink, and then a film of water that repels the ink from the non-printing area of the poster.


Popularity of the Offset Poster Printing in NYC

One of the main reasons that offset printing is such a popular printing method in New York City for posters NYC is because you receive an excellent image with every print.

The images will be consistent throughout the entire run, meaning the last poster looks as great as the first.

Since the rubber blanket can conform to the printing surface, you end up with the sharpest graphics and text possible, allowing for the highest quality image.

Another reason that offset print is so popular is because there is often a shorter turnaround time for the finished product.

In most cases, the printing plates can be produced quickly, allowing for printing to take place in a relatively short amount of time.

If you need posters for a special event or sale, you know that you cannot wait weeks on your poster delivery. Timing is very important.


The Preferred Printing Method

Offset printing is usually the method of choice for printing services in New York City.

This is because the method is very efficient, yet allows for a higher quality finished product. This allows commercial companies to produce large quantities of the same poster without seeing a decrease in quality or a dramatic increase in price.

Digital printing has brought new printing presses to the printing technology, but this method remains more expensive than offset printing.

At the same time, the newer digital printers cannot maintain high levels of production for companies that need items mass produced. Therefore, if you need a plethora of good quality posters expeditiously, offset printing is still the best option.

In addition, today’s printing presses can take the image straight from your computer file and transfer it to a plate.

This allows companies to create their own logos, photographs, and other images for their poster and still see spectacular results.

Companies have more options than ever when it comes to the poster printing business, but offset printing still remains the method of choice for many companies.


Services our offset poster printing company offers

1. Technical Support

For those working with an offset printer for the first time, there may be a lot of confusing technicalities to deal with such as image resolution, bleeds and allowances, or converting your files to CMYK.

Make sure you find a New York City printing company with a personalized technical support team who can walk you through the entire process.

2. Design Program

Online printing companies offer online design programs that makes it a lot easier for you to design your projects. They provide you with a gallery of templates for different industries so you can choose one that best fits your business description.

When you have found the template you need, you can simply input your data through their design program. You can move around fields, or delete unnecessary ones. You can even upload your own logo and other graphics.

3. Press Ready Proof

Before your design goes to press, proofing is your last chance to correct mistakes.

The pre-press department prepares this proof and gives remarks about the quality of your print.

When the print resolution is to low, they will advise you to improve on the resolution before they proceed with printing.

They will also advise you with the correct bleeds and allowances.

As big sheets of paper are stacked together during cutting, there is a chance that they will slide a little. This is why it is best to leave a .025 inch allowance for the trim line.

It is also your chance before offset printing to proof read your copy and make sure there are no typographical errors or grammatical mistakes.

You should also make sure that all the elements you want are present in your print and are in the right position.

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