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Many Uses of Large Format Printers

201603250132Large format printing is printing that takes place on a huge scale. The biggest size can go as large as 82 feet (25m). If you have an advertisement that needs to reach a lot of people, this is the way to go.

Posters, banners, wall graphics, window graphics, and floor adhesives are all done using this method. Vinyl and canvas are the materials of choice.

These are tough enough to stand up to the elements, as well as prolonged wear and tear.

The many uses of large format printers

You will find many uses for large format printing. Aside from conventions like San Diego Comic Con, retail stores use them indoors to highlight new products. Malls and museums also use these outdoors to advertise any upcoming sales or brand new exhibits. This advertising material is so versatile that you can use it just about anywhere.

All you have to do is check the durability of the printing surface.

Why you need to print in large format

In the case of Comic Con exhibitors, trade show graphics are a must for reinforcing brands, garnering attention, or pushing promotions. For a toy company that wants to push a new product, an eye-catching poster will bring in eager collectors to check out their booth. A Hollywood studio, on the other hand, will display their logos using huge banners.

These are large enough to catch the attention of people roaming the convention hall.

What advertising methods use large format prints?

The most common advertising materials you will find are posters and banners. With posters, there are several printing surface choices to choose from. Choose from paper, film, or card to print your designs. Protecting your posters is also not a problem. You can laminate the poster or protect it using a physical display. Just remember that these posters are used for only a short period of time.

Huge outdoor banners use vinyl for extra durability. This allows for a longer lasting display period. Window graphics are another option you can go with.

These are used for any special promotions you might have. You will find these inside a business, office, or shopping center. In the case of floor adhesives, grocery stores use these as advertisements or directional signs.

How much does large format printing cost in New York City?

folder2Large format printing costs depends on a number of variables. Size is the most obvious consideration. Surface type will also affect the price you pay. In general, paper is much cheaper than vinyl. You really need to research on the Internet when looking for a company that does trade show graphics. There are some jobs that will require professional installation.

Getting this will entail a separate fee. All the big companies are interested in large format printing and it really does bring the business in. But it’s important to stay on top of one’s game or the competition will climb up and take the top spot. Eco solvent ink, greater calibration and detail, and becoming faster and more efficient are all solutions that are taking companies to that next level. Large format printing allows an image to be printed onto almost every type of material. Whether clients require enormous posters for billboards to publicize an event, a banner to be trailed behind an aircraft at a festival or other outdoor arena, or presentation checks to be presented to organizations, or lottery winners, the opportunities now available for large format printing has expanded. It is also possible to have a life-size printed replica of people, cars or animals. Large format printing is digitally produced to give exceptionally precise results within a short time frame.

Eco solvent ink used in large format outdoor printing

Despite its name, Eco solvent ink is not actually Eco-friendly. The difference comes in the types of carriers it uses. These carriers are known as glycol esters and work to protect printed items from things like the wind, the rain, and anything else that it might come into contact with. It does this by practically gluing the colors down on to the page, so they aren’t exposed to the open air. The easiest way to think about it is like a shield.

These inks are cheaper than previous methods of printing for outdoor use. And it means that both clients and companies can keep their costs down. This ink is actually an advance on the original solvent ink and one can only imagine what type of ink is going to appear in the future.

Why to work with a professional NYC large format printer company

What many people don’t know is that large format printing can actually be done using conventional digital printing or even offset printer these days. It’s not as efficient, but it just goes to show that better equipment is making large format printing more accessible to a greater number of people.

It also means that in many cases clients don’t have to employ a professional printing company to print their materials anymore.

It means that they can now do it in the comfort of their own premises. However, it has to be noted that printing companies still have something to offer. Whilst equipment has improved on the lower end of the spectrum it’s also increased on the higher end of the spectrum as the bigger machines now have larger capabilities. It means they can print faster and more efficiently, so companies ultimately have the chance of getting their results quicker.

Companies that possess this high end equipment are sure to be favorites with clients as they have the solutions that they need.