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Differences and Similaries with Digital, Large Format & Offset Printing

If you want to know more about printing then you should know the differences and similarities between our New York digital printing, New York large format printing and New York offset printing services.

About Offset Printing

Offset Printing is a technique which is done by plate process. In this process first, the planning of the job is done. After planning the job, the job is sent through the computer to the plate making known as CTP (Computer to Plate Process).

In CTP the job is separated in CMYK plates. After making the plate, the next round is printings with the help of plate. The plate is fitted on the offset machine and sheets are printed.

In Offset four color machine there are four units where CMYK colors are filled and as per the plate the sheet is passed and the required color is spread on the paper. But this process is very time consumable and lengthy.

About Digital Printing

In Digital Printing the command is given by computer and the printouts are directly coming out from the printer. There is no need of making the plates. It just works as a personal printer. Now you people are thinking that why we should use offset printing in place of digital printing after a lot of time consumption is done in offset printings the reason is cost.

If we are talking about a very long run of the same format than in offset the cost is very less as compared to digital printing but if the job is small the digital printing is a good alternate. The major reason to opt Digital Printing or Offset Printing is only the run of a single job and second the size of the printing job.

About Large Format Printing

Large format printing and PVC banners are among the most common tools in modern commercial advertising.

PVC banners are a cost effective and versatile product promotion method and can add a dynamic touch to any business forecourt, trade show exhibition, public service display or advertising campaign.

Large format printing is extensively used for large scale advertisements at sports grounds and entertainment venues, on perimeter adverts on building sites, and on huge ‘wraps’ which enfold buildings as they are being renovated.

On building sites, large format printing is used to convey a sense of professionalism and will often include the building firm’s logo as well as information on the residential or commercial construction developments.

At sports venues and entertainment premises, large format printing is most commonly used for commercial advertisements or as part of public information campaigns on health, public services, safety or any other public concern.

On building wraps, this phenomenon usually heralds the imminent arrival of a new flagship store or business and promotes public interest and enthusiasm until opening day.

Because of the scale of printing in large format, it is essential that public safety is always taken into consideration in terms of the construction materials used and the quality of installation.

Most companies which manufacture and install these products will undertake a detailed on site evaluation in order to assess safety requirements and will oversee the entire process from conception to secure installation, ensuring that all legal safety requirements are fully satisfied.

Varick Street Litho can install signage we print (contact us regarding other installation questions).

Quality of Digital Printing Versus Offset Printing

Some people thought that the quality of digital paintings is far better than offset printing but the fact is the quality of printing not depends upon that. It depends upon that printer is using which machines. Are the machines of the printers are of latest technology.

Are the machines spreading the right colors and in an effective manner. It also depends that the registration of the CMYK is coming right or not. As the time is changing everything goes digitally.

Even the engineers are trying to make a mixture of both offset and digital printing. In which there is no need of plates and the expense of plates is removed so that the cost of the printing decreases. The history of printing developments is very interesting and Varick Street Litho is at the cutting edge of the latest developments in print services technology.

Even these machines are already made but due to advance technology these machines are very costly and not easy to install. But the future is of Digital Printings not of Offset Printing.

Now the days will come when Offset Printers will remove from the market and we see only the Digital Printers  all around.

Digital also becomes cost effective in future, the timing for printings get lesser, the size of the paintings gets increased and quality in terms of registration and colors will be improved.

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