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The Basics of Offset Lithography – Commercial Offset Printing

Offset lithography (known also as commercial offset printing) is the kind of method in which images on metal plates are transferred to rollers and then to print media. This method was used all over the world since the 20th century. In this type of printing method the paper (print media) doesn’t come into contact with […]

Printing, What Is Offset Printing / 28 May 2017

Tips for choosing the best postcard printing services in NYC

Sending postcards is a very good way to maintain connection with friends, family and business contacts. There is no doubt about the impression of thoughtfulness that comes with postcards. If you have used postcards before, it is easy to realize that not all cards are created equal. Depending on who gets to print your card; […]

Printing, What is Digital Printing, What Is Offset Printing / 26 May 2017