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Are you looking for the best way to deliver your products to customers? Competition in business is real, and a great way to stand out from the competition is finding a way to “outclass” your competitors. This is when custom-designed packaging comes into play.

If you work in a business where your end products are shipped out in packaging, then your packages play a pivotal role in your brand’s image and how your customers perceive the quality of your brand. According to the NYC printhouse VSL Print, the following are the top 5 marketing benefits of custom-designed packaging:


1. Customization

Depending upon the product or service niche, it is estimated that consumers are willing to pay as much as 10-20% more for customized products. Custom design packaging makes it easy to personalize the way your products are packaged and this might allow you to charge a bit more for the products you are already selling.

Additionally, customization of something as simple as packaging also makes luxury items even more attractive to consumers. This is important in helping you build loyalty with your customers, to encourage repeat sales, garner recommendations, and great reviews. When you personalize or customize packaging, it also becomes easy for you to sell your products. Depending upon the product, the packaging might say about as much as the product itself regarding its perceived quality.


2. Affordability

Custom designed packaging is not only affordable but could also help offset costs. It also creates an excellent first-time impression and it helps passively advertise your business. It is also worth noting that, when you order custom design packaging in bulk, you will receive a better return on investments. The quantity of packages in the order influences how much you pay for the total because the price per unit decreases the more you purchase.


3. Branding

Custom design packaging allows you choose the features that resonate with your brand. Studies show that color can boost your brand’s awareness by around 80 percent. Besides, if you use packaging that is user-friendly, you unconsciously build trust with the customer. Once there is trust in a brand, then satisfied consumers are more likely to share their positive experiences with others. This is important in brand awareness campaigns because your current customers or clients will help you reach even more people


4. Value

When you use custom design packaging for your business, it presents you with multiple ways of creating even more value for your products. Most consumers will always judge a product based upon their initial perceptions. Therefore, if you use an attractive or eye-catching design, you’re more likely to make a good impression on your customers.

Moreover, good custom-design packaging is also more than just a single piece of material that has been printed upon… Apart from the decorative cover for the product you’re selling, your customers can later use the packaging for other uses such as storage, gift packaging, or something else.


5. Experience

As a business, the highest intention is for your customers and clients to have an exceptional experience with your products or services. The packaging associated with them is the first part of the experiential process. The packaging of your items acts as your brand ambassador and represents your business just the way your marketing team and employees do. There are absolutely zero chances that you will let a unkept, uneducated employee to sell/promote your products to your best clients. That’s how packaging also works in marketing.

Packaging plays a pivotal role in your user experience. It does not only increase the anticipation, but most clients also find it pleasurable unboxing brand new products.

The design of the package also conveys emotions and impressions, which will impact the user experience positively or negatively. This means that good packaging design results in good user experience. According to this study, beautifully designed packaging activates some parts of the human brain which are connected to rewards, and can also influence people into making purchase decisions they didn’t have in mind.


From these scenarios, it’s evident that custom design packaging impacts brand perception, interest, perceived value, and can even trigger impulsive buying tendencies. Contact us today to discover how VSL Print can help with your custom-packaging needs.