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Packaging boxes are essential for protecting products, gifts, and most commodities. In addition to that, boxes make handling and presenting different items convenient. Currently, numerous companies are trying to implement techniques that can help enhance their advertising and marketing efforts by investing in custom designed boxes and packaging.

Although packaging boxes are vital for shipping, they have also quickly become one of the necessary elements of retail. Brands are now aware that custom designed boxes are important for presentation and increasing brand awareness.

Why should businesses invest in custom-designed boxes? Below are some of the benefits of custom-designed boxes for branding.

1. Business Branding

This is the main advantage of custom designed boxes. Printing product or brand details on packaging boxes provides a cost-effective way of branding and marketing. It is an indirect way of advertising and it makes it easier for consumers to identify your brand.

Some of the brand details that you can put on the packaging boxes include logo, communication details, and tagline among others. The overall benefit of this is increased brand awareness and a lasting impression to customers.

2. Identification

Custom designed boxes for branding are important for brand identification. It’s not easy to identify a plain box. A box that doesn’t have a name tag, color, or any symbol is not distinguishable.

The graphic design of a box including color makes it easier for a customer to identify your brand. Make sure that the retail boxes are printed with beautiful and unique eye-catching colors and shapes associated with your brand.

3. Product Information

A custom-designed branding box should contain all the vital product information. This is important for storage, handling, and selling. Some of the details include the weight, size, model, and the expiry date.

In addition to that, other technical details which can be found in packaging boxes include symbols, bar codes, and shipping details. This helps to ensure that the items are stored or handled in the right way. As a result, there will be reduced breakage and lower chances of loss.

4. Selling Convenience

Most retailers sell a wide variety of products. So, a custom-designed box can make it easier for a retailer to identify different commodities. The design of the box including the graphic details is important for identification by customers as well.

Retailers are able to know how to stack different products on shelves and how this affects their “shelf life” in terms of the wear and tear of the packaging. This allows them to make sales without having to open the worn out boxes to prove that the contents are still in good condition while the packaging is clearly falling apart. In addition to that, depending upon the product type, retailers will be able to easily identify which items are about to expire and can move out older stock with sales.

5. Sales and Re-Order Details

One of the most important benefits of custom designed boxes for branding include sales and re-order information. You can print a website address, contact number, or email address on the packaging boxes. This makes it easier for customers to access communication channels that are associated with sales.

In case a customer is interested in making new purchases, they can use the product details to re-order. Old clients and potential new customers are more likely to use the information that’s found on the customized box than other sources.

6. Environmentally-Friendly

Climate change is something that is undeniable and many customers will value brands that are taking a stand to be more environmentally-friendly. People are now turning to environmentally-friendly packaging items in order to reduce carbon footprints. As a result, brands are replacing the use of plastic bags with eco-friendly boxes in order to reduce pollution.

Do note that for the customers who are highly attracted to conscious brands which promote a healthier planet, they are typically willing to spend more on products if they can see they are made according to certain standards. Generally, boxes offer environmentally-friendly packaging solutions over plastic. To ensure that your brand stands out, make sure that you add an eco-friendly symbol on the custom designed boxes. This will quickly catch the attention of potential customers because they will know that you are a responsible business brand.

VSL Print Can Help Design and Print Customized Boxes for Your Organization

Packaging boxes are extremely important for the reasons we covered above and retailers as well as wholesalers should invest in them because they provide an effective way of handling, shipping, and storing products. However, the use of this versatile packaging option is even more important when it comes to enhancing advertising and marketing efforts for businesses.

Custom designed boxes offer environmentally-friendly and cost-effective ways of increasing brand awareness. If you are looking for a unique way to deliver quality products, increase your clientele base, and build a brand, then invest in custom boxes.

Our custom box experts as VSL Print can help you to reach your business goals by designing unique custom designed boxes that boost brand awarenss.