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Custom print is anything out of the ordinary print media, it is unique and distinctive. When presented to a customer, custom printed materials should create an immediate excitement to your customer and as a market influencer this is the exact response you must generate in the marketplace.

The use of custom printed materials to help marketing efforts is a creative method of communicating your product to a specific target market. It maintains the design of your product, and at the same time demands attention and creates traffic to your product and brand. In many cases, ordinary print media is boring and does not create excitement among the intended target market.

Some ways to change ordinary print media include:

  • a change in your paper stock
  • adding foil to your logo
  • using pantone ink to add a level of distinctiveness to your logo

Examples of common print customization are embossing, die cutting, foil stamping, custom papers, round corners, custom folds and perforating.

Custom print media trends that help marketing efforts

When thinking of how custom printed materials help marketing effort, these are some of the tends to remember:

Personalized print

This includes simple things like adding the name of the recipient to your postcards and flyers. This shows your targeted audience that you are paying attention to their needs and that you are making an effort to provide better products for them.

Unique printing styles for better recognition

When printing catalogues for your business, ensure they are unique and not similar to your competitor’s catalogues. It will be a key component for you when integrating printed marketing materials with digital marketing content.

Brand your custom print materials

When you add your brand to your custom printed material, you increase the chances of referrals to your product because of brand awareness. This is because brands merely advertise themselves, the greater recognition your brand has, the more clients you are likely to impress with your custom print materials.

Use higher quality texture and color

You have to be very careful when choosing the perfect material for your custom printing in NYC; make sure you choose the best texture and color as appropriate in your market. You should be able to find materials that attract and maintain the attention of prospective clients. You have to choose the texture and color that matches your brand and the psychological elements that it represents as this will appeal to your clients.

Printing unique packaging

Printing upon unique packaging gives your potential customers a welcome surprise when they open packaging. Everyone loves to open elegant, attractive, or well designed packaging. It should have creative differences and unique versions to suit the ranges of your product.

Customized print materials that tell stories

Use print marketing to tell the story of your brand. In a split second, highly customized marketing materials used by a market influencer can inform potential customers about the benefits of your products or services. The advantage of print materials is the fact that individuals can touch and feel the materials and this makes it easy for them to be compelled by your brand’s story.

The Benefits of custom printed materials

Print media is not the traditional emphasis of marketing today which has gone the direction of social media and digital marketing. However, there are several reasons why you should consider using custom printed materials as a market influencer. These reasons are:

  1. Tangible materials grab the attention of your potential customers – Custom printed marketing materials are becoming less common and for this reason they are guaranteed to demand even more attention.
  2. Focus on customer retention – Custom printed materials almost always contain relevant content because of the associated cost of design, materials and printing so it holds higher innate value. Loyal customers will store this fact in the back of their minds as an associated value-add with your brand.
  3. Increased desire for custom print media – Society has become acustomed to digital media, but custom printed marketing materials stand out in a way that is more memorable since people can also touch and smell the materials – it involves more senses.

If you want to stand out as a market influencer and see the benefit of using custom printed materials, then contact us today. We can create a full range of customized marketing materials that are sure to make your brand stand out among the rest.