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Building wraps have become increasingly popular for outdoor advertising campaigns. Business owners are realizing the benefits of building wraps and they are now being seen in  towns and cities where traditional businesses once relied upon other advertising forms.

One of the most important to keep in mind while considering using building wraps for your next advertising campaign is to ensure they are properly designed. Well designed and visibly-located building wraps should be able to grab the attention of passerbys.

What are the exact benefits of building wraps for outdoor advertising? Let’s take a look:

Easy To Notice

Our NYC building wraps usually seem to be bigger than life because they are usually quite big. They also have attractive lighting design which makes them very easy to notice. Anyone passing near a building with these wraps will notice them regardless of whether or not that person is interested in the product or brand being advertised. They are quite difficult to ignore!

This is an important benefit because it means more people will become aware of the product or brand. Additionally, the wraps cannot be turned off like some other forms of advertising such as using the television or radio. The fact that they are easy to notice makes them ideal to attract potential customers.

They Can Entice Targeted Customers to Buy

When a person is passing by a building wrap which is advertising a certain product or service that is relevant to the person, the person will likely have the thought of the product or service at the forefront of his or her mind after seeing the advertisment. That particular potential customer might not have planned to buy the product or service any time soon, but could be influenced to make a decision to buy after seeing the building wrap. Of course, this is dependent upon the message and overall quality of the advertisement’s offer and call to action.

This high degree of visibility is an important benefit, because people are busy and distracted but once reminded are more likely to buy things once they see them – especially on a routine basis. If there was no building wrap the individual in the target market would not have noticed the product or service being advertised and would be less likely to make a purchase.

Cost Effective

Using building wraps is one of the more cost effective forms of outdoor advertising. The major cost involved is designing, printing, and installing the wraps. After they have been installed, building wraps typically will not have any other cost provided they are designed and maintained properly.

Well-designed and manufactured building wraps stay remain in good condition for a long time. This is important to consider because building wraps can be generate a significant return on investment for many years.

As providers of building wraps, VSL Print has installed a wide variety of different wraps which have remained in great condition for years when our customers follow our suggestions and take care of them. The businesses that use these wraps enjoy cost effective outdoor advertising in a convenient manner.

Can Direct Potential Customers

There are certain customers who go shopping without knowing the exact locations of the types of stores they are looking for but know that certain stores exist in a general geographic location. Such customers might know the approximate street where the store they are looking for is located but fail to know the exact building that the store is in… With building wraps such customers will be able easily identify the stores they want to visit.

Building wraps can be seen from a distance since they are big and this helps the customer know the right directions. This is especially helpful to businesses which are located in crowded places where customers might get confused when it comes to directions.

Can Advertise More Than One Product or Service

The building wraps by VSL Print can be designed in a way that they advertise more than one product or brand. This is helpful because it enables business be able to let customers know about the different products available.

All that is needed is for the wraps to be designed in the right manner by a professional. The business owners will suggest what to be put on the wraps depending on preferences and the significance of the different products. The professionals designing the wraps will also provide their suggestions on how the wraps should be designed. The end results will be eye-catching building wraps which are able to advertise different products or services at the same time.

Effectively Utilized Unused Business Space

Building wraps are usually installed outside the businesses they are advertising and as a result they do not take any space on the inside of the building.

The importance of this is that there are some forms of advertising that need to be put inside the businesses where they occupy space. Such form of advertising can even hinder customers as they are shopping. But building wraps are usually outside the buildings which means that they do not occupy any space inside the building. Therefore, building wraps are an ideal form of outdoor advertising because of their many benefits.

Contact VSL Print today regarding your building wrap ideas or needs. We can help you to create effective outdoor advertising solutions.