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The term influencer packaging has been around since social media gained traction. Influencer marketing is the use of influencers to market a product. Influencers are social media users with a huge following. Their posts are often taken seriously by their fans.

Influencer packaging refers to how the product is packaged for influencer marketing purposes. Traditionally, the packaging had three main goals. To protect the product, identify the product and to send a clear message about the product.

In modern times, the packaging is more than just achieving the three goals. Influencer packaging should validate the brand in addition to the three goals. This article will explain the importance of influencer packaging.

Things That the Influencer Packaging Campaign Execute

Some of the objectives of the influencer packaging campaign are

Wayfinding: Refers to the unveiling hierarchy of products during unboxing. Influencer packages should have simple wayfinding cues that contain flair. The unboxing process should incorporate anticipation to allow the influencer to share the discoveries. Keywords and hashtags are some of the campaign terms that assist in wayfinding.The number of seeding units: Influencer packaging campaign determines the number of seeding units that can be shipped. The number of units is dependent on the influencers’ reach. Micro-influencers can assist in shipping 300 to 500 units. A combination of PR influencers and micro-influencers has a range of 500 -750 units to be shipped.Unboxing experience: Unboxing is the process of removing the package from its packaging. The campaign aims at making this experience as memorable as possible. One of the ways would be to arrange the products in layers. The influencer package should be placed where they will be remover last. Thank you note cards can be placed in the packages. The notes have the effect of validating the customer.


Getting the Right Influencer

The right influencer has a majority fan base that is also your target market. For example, an influencer in the men’s football league is not appropriate for promoting lingerie. Once the influencer is identified, their suitability should be assessed.

Suitability of an influencer can be measured by considering the likes, shares, and views of his content. The influencer with most of these parameters is preferable.


The Importance of Influencer Packaging

Influencer packaging is one of the critical components of influencer marketing. Influencers have a strong social media presence their content appeals to the masses. The product that the market should have the appeal to the fan base as well. The packaging is the first thing that the fan base notices.

The packaging differentiates products. The differentiation is key to making a product unique. This will help the package stand out in social media. It has the effect of drawing the potential customer to the influencer’s advertisement.

Influencer marketing is only possible if the influencer has a genuine interest in the brand. Influencer packaging is one of the tools that can create this interest. If the package is stimulating to the senses, the influencer is more likely to market it enthusiastically. An enthusiastic influencer will launch and conduct the campaign much faster.

Influencer packaging can help to reach certain market niches. Once the product is packaged appealingly, the influencer promotes it on the social media platforms. The packaging may capture the interest of the influencer’s fan base that uses the brand’s substitute. With the packaging and the influencer’s effort, such customers may be pushed to use the product.


Embrace Influencer Packaging

The world is very dynamic. Modern marketing techniques are not what they used to be previously. This has been made possible by social media. For businesses to adapt, marketing techniques need to be adjusted with these changes.

Influencer packaging is one of the changes that can be adopted. Influencer packaging can increase a brand’s visibility through marketing. Additionally, influencer packaging improves the advertising experience for the customer. Customers are likely to remain loyal to a brand they feel validates their need.

Influencer packaging makes the influencers work easier. To market a well-packaged product is easy as it generates attention easily. The easier the work for the influencer, the more willing they are to work with a brand. Lastly, influencer packaging can be used to access market niches. Influencer packaging may give the illusion of a new product line that attracts new customers.