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In our day to day experiences, we are inundated with brands that are splashed across the pages of magazines, looming above drivers on billboards, visible every time you go on-line, in tweets, and driven into our brains with unforgettably unavoidable commercial jingles. It can all pass us by so quickly that we stop paying attention.

What will make your brand memorable?

What customers do pay attention to is what comes into their homes. There is a certain expectancy that comes with a customized box delivered to your door step. People love to receive packages and it is lways fun to see what is inside, especially if we have a hint as to what may be inside.

When someone receives a box with a company’s name on it that is not just a flat brown box, they tend to get excited. This means that the producers of the whatever is in this magical box really go the whole 9 yards to not only deliver a product, but to deliver a presentation. It becomes memorable, and people are more likely to use a company that shows that it cares.

When well done, customized boxes not only display your product in its best light, but they also create brand recognition which influences your brand reputation. When a person receives a package that appears to be in a customized box, its easy to notice that they almost always tend stop for just a moment before opening it. It is intriguing.

Special boxes feel special.

Our custom boxes tend to linger longer on counter tops than ordinary boxes and are way more prevalent in a person’s memory when they go to purchase goods or services. We’ve also heard that customers tend to hold on to nicely made boxes in order to reuse them in the future. Who has never had a reason not to use a great box? Typically the brand speaks for itself and the customization and specialization to packaging really makes a difference.

With the explosion of internet businesses and the importance of being a recognizable brand, it is extremely important to recognize what you can say about your business and what you should do to attract new customers. It is far more likely for a person to save, re-use, and recycle a box which is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes the uniqueness of box being reused is what helps someone to identify what is inside… This is ongoing brand reinforcement because now that person is associating something memorable (to them) that is associated with the box that bears your brand.

The cost of creating a custom box for your business is really a matter of deciding what you want/need to effectively deliver your product in, but also a recognizable logo that will stick not just to the counter, but also in the customer’s mind.

Make sure that the company you consult with to make your boxes is fully informed as to what you may be delivering, the sizes of the boxes required, and the required construction to assure your hardware, clothing, food products, camping gear, or groceries get to their destination safely and intact. No one wants their gift or order to be delivered and not meet their satisfaction due to poor shipping treatment and a box that was unable to handle the journey.

Customized box manufacturers typically have a wide variety of containers choose from whether they are mail and shipping boxes, folding cartons, gift boxes, or even something else. Printing can be done on the outside, the inside or both. Customized boxes can be ordered to suit your specific needs with the advantage of choosing from a variety of materials to suit the specific needs required to ship your product.

It is extremely important to know that a custom paper box makes a difference and understand how it can virtually have a second life as it continues representing your brand. Contact us today with your custom box needs. Our custom box solutions and NYC printing experts can ensure that your custom boxes will be durable, attractive, and completely represent your brand.