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Let’s take a step back for a minute. When you hear the terms “influencer marketing,” what do you think? It’s a brand, product, name, or personality, that’s marketing a product/service, or something new, right? It’s an influencer in an industry that’s trying to elicit some attention to a new product or service. Or, they’re trying to attract more people to a specific brand/industry. These are a few of the many reasons why you want custom boxes for influencer marketing… to influence a purchase or action!


They’re Themed

Influencer marketing custom boxes are driven by a specific theme. For example, your company may choose a YouTube personality to drive a new set of headphones or a new product launch. You can create custom themed boxes with these headphones, with information about them, the artist, the marketer, and other specific products, which will work hand-in-hand with the headphones.

You’re trying to elicit some attention to the new product launch or the new product release. The products are meant to:

  • Inspire a trial (or purchase/subscription)
  • Tell a story about what your brand is doing
  • Inform the recipient why they should purchase a product or service

Your themes can come in a variety of shapes and design styles. It’s really up to you to custom-tailor the story, the box, and the products in it, to tell the recipient what you want them to do.

It’s the perfect way to stand out and apart from competitors, and ensure those who are receiving the custom boxes will remember your business/name.


They Influence Action

The use of custom boxes for influencer marketing is also a great way to elicit action. Companies are going to pair up with well-known influencers. These might be:

  • YouTube personas
  • Instagram personalities
  • Sports figures/icons
  • Or, anyone in a specific industry that has an impact on the audience

Boxes should include individual note cards made using high quality printing services, which highlight the features of the products that are included in it. And, backed by that celebrity endorser or the influence marketer promoting the product, you’re intending to get the recipient to take some form of action. This might be for them to purchase a product that you sent them as a trial. Or, you may want them to subscribe to your services that they’ll use, with the product you sent in the custom box you created for them.

Working with a well-known influencer, providing a detailed message of how the product/service can help the recipient, and highlighting why they need this item, are some ways in which you can elicit the recipient to act. Especially if the influencer you’re working with is a popular, well-known personality, the recipient is more likely to act. Custom boxes are a great way to highlight your product, the quality, and to make the recipient feel as if it is custom-tailored for them (with messages, adding their name, etc.), which is more likely to elicit the positive reaction you’re trying to get from them.


The Packaging Screams Quality to the Recipient

As a business owner, you obviously want people to have a great impression of your product. You want them to think that the product and services you offer, are highly quality. With custom boxes and influencer marketing, you can convey this exact message. The quality of these custom boxes feature the best material finishes, the best local printer, and color design work, and custom detail work, which is going to highlight your business as a leader in the niche/industry.

The custom boxes feature great items you want the recipient to view/use, plus the boxes look neat, elegant, and they are well-made with the best material finishes, so they’re going to give off the impression that your company only uses the best products/materials, in the items it offers for sale to its customers.

There are many ways in which you can stand out as a business. In a crowded niche, or in a highly competitive field, these are a few of the many reasons why you want custom boxes for influencer marketing, and why you want to work with the right company to design and tailor these boxes for those you are sending them out to. Not only will it help elicit action and attention, it is also a great way to ensure those who are receiving the custom boxes, have a great impression of your company, business, and the quality which they can expect, if they choose to purchase from your company in the future! Contact us today for more information about our custom box solutions.