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Strong branding makes it easier to get new customers. A primary goal of branding is to create customer loyalty and brand recognition. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your brand is through the use of our NYC custom packaging services. This creates a competitive edge in the market.

Package design was traditionally about making products stand out on a shelf full of other similar products. Currently, custom boxes or bags are increasingly being used by businesses as an essential marketing element.

Custom packaging can help make a memorable impression on customers and uniquely position a brand in a specific market. To create the most beneficial outcomes and draw in more customers, packaging needs to be creative. It also needs to represent a brand aesthetic that is specific to your business.

How does custom packaging strengthen your brand equity?

Brand Recognition and Visibility

First impressions matter a great deal when it comes to developing your brand. Consumers make immediate unconscious decisions when choosing a particular brand. It is estimated that customers take about 13 seconds purchasing a brand in-store.

Custom packaged boxes or bags offer a great way to stand out to your potential customers. It is the packaging that sparks the first connection between your product and a potential customer, and therefore presents a great opportunity to establish your brand.

Create a Valuable Brand

High-value, quality brands are oriented towards the consumer’s self-identity. Branding helps to identify consumers’ expectations of what will happen if they use a specific brand.

The true test of luxury brands are high-standards and the use of unique, high-quality materials that are difficult for their competitors to reproduce.

Custom packaging that uses unique, artistic, high-quality materials that influence the quality of your brand. Superior custom packaging increases your brand’s value in a way few other marketing strategies can.

Packaging That Establishs Emotional Attachment to Your Brand

Your packaging is the first experience consumers will have with your brand. Custom packaging gives your business an excellent chance to establish your story and bond with your customers.

Some estimates on consumer behavior indicate that as much as a third of customer decision-making is based solely on the packaging. In addition, the demand for a particular brand improves when the packaging is made in such a way that truly resonates with consumers.

Don’t underestimate the emotional influence packaging can have on your customers. Consumers connect with brands that communicate with their personal motivations and desires.

Promotes Your Brand’s Color Scheme

The fastest way to grab your customer’s attention and boost brand awareness is through colors. Colors play a significant role in influencing whether customers buy your products. High quality package printing utilizing vibrant colors and descriptive images have a positive effect on the moods of customers.

One insight is to use two major colors with emotional value in your custom packaging to attract more people to your brand. Make sure the colors reflect your logo and enhance a unified image with your brand. Use custom packaging to truly reflect a creative and unique image that will reflect the message you are trying to send to your customers.

Brand with Consistency

Consistency increases trust and familiarity with your brand. Brand consistency also communicates credibility. Consumers recognize your brands over others as most they are more likely to remember your brand. But, to achieve this type of consistency, you need lots of repetition which is expensive in most forms of marketing.

Custom packaging is a great solution to build your brand’s consistency relatively inexpensively. The pattern of expression with each product through custom packaging words, design, and logo make your products more recognizable and builds customer loyalty.

Communicating Brand Values With Designs that Imply Values

Packaging is the proper channel to communicant the values of your brand. Businesses (especially small and medium-sized businesses) have a collection of visions, ethical standards and authentic stories that customers can relate to… Use custom packaging to efficiently showcase your brand’s values and inform potential customers about what is important to your organization.

It is also important to consider that consumers are “going green” now more than ever as it is estimated that more than half of the consumers in most niches are being influenced by environmentally-friendly packaging. Fully utilizing customized packaging with authentic patterns, images and designs to reinforce an organization’s eco-friendliness and other values can be a great way to make a stand for what is important to your organization.

Sharing online and offline

Customers are more likely to share photos of packaging on social media if the packaging is interesting, unique and gift-like. And, if the packaging is really useful and wellmade, it will likely be re-purposed. This can be achieved easily through VSL Print’s customized packaging. We can help increases brand awareness and keep your brand at the forefront of the minds of your target audience.

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