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There was a time not so long ago when large format printing was quite expensive. Few companies used large format printing services, and they probably paid premium prices for the service.

Fortunately, over the last few years substantial developments in digital printing innovation indicate that large format digital printing services are now relatively inexpensive while the quality has improved significantly.

There is a significant distinction between large format print and simply printing big prints. Standard printing presses are restricted in the size of print produced. On the other hand, more modern presses (like the high definition large format digital printers we utilize at VSL Print) are far more innovative and versatile than standard presses.

The print quality is much better than ever with rich, vibrant colors and exceptional image reproduction. However, the big benefit is that these presses can print out large format print jobs such as long vinyl banners in one piece, quickly and at a much lower cost than you may believe.

Large format printing describes print products that are too big to be printed on the most readily available sizes of business printing presses. Sometimes this is also called wide-format printing but most people in the industry refer to it as large format.


What products are available with large format printing?

Some large format printing companies will have a larger product range than others. At VSL Print, we provide a comprehensive range of large format print products including:

Roll up banner stands: These are incredibly popular, portable advertising tools are used everywhere from retail or organization properties to exhibits and event venues.

PVC vinyl banners: Durable and waterproof PVC vinyl banners can be approximately 5m long and feature eyelets for simple hanging. Whether you’re growing a brand name, promoting an item or humiliating a coworker, you can do it in a big way with a banner.

Indoor and outside posters: With our wide format printing services you can have 48 and 96 sheet posters as easily as A-sized posters quickly, quickly and cost-effectively.

Self-adhesive vinyl: This vinyl tends t last for a long time and is a durable self-adhesive vinyl that is ideal for making a huge effect in both internal and external environments. Our HD digital printers produce attractive vinyl graphics that are similarly impressive when fixed to windows or walls.

Transparent window graphics: These are printed utilizing a series of dots that have a black coating on the inside, these graphics permit those inside to see outside. Nevertheless, while people outside are able to view the advertising clearly, they are unable to see through the window.

In the print industry, “large format” is in fact a relative term due to the fact that maximum print sizes vary from printer to printer. However, normally speaking, large or wide format refers to the following categories of print materials:

  • Window and Wall Posters
  • Promotional Signage
  • Kid Growth Charts
  • Important Notices for Employees, Students or other groups
  • Stands
  • Horizontal or Vertical Banners
  • Maps, Diagrams and Charts
  • Event Announcements
  • Large Wall Calendars
  • Store Displays

Large format printing has numerous ways to be used. It can be utilized to get attention from afar, to offer fast referrals, or to supply a large visual for usage in a class or other training setting. Likewise, many organizations use large format print products for marketing purposes. Large format printing is often used for flat wall-hangings, but it can also be made to fold or be free-standing.


What is a large format use-case scenario?

Picture the possibilities for a new business owner interested in acquiring some captivating promotional products for a grand opening.

The function of having a grand opening is to get customers through the door so that you can introduce them to the new business. Let’s start with some banners and indicators. With large-format printing, we can essentially make them as big as we want them.

Once we have people’s attention, then we can tempt them to enter into the store with some epic vinyl window graphics revealing happy customers enjoying our excellent products and services.

If the walls of a location are looking bare, we can print adhesive wall decals that will give our shop an exciting look that will set us apart from the competition.

We need to print some posters, too, but our store space is somewhat small, so we can choose poster sizes that will certainly be seen, but won’t be too distracting. Two feet by 3 feet would be the ideal fit. With a wide-format printing partner in your corner, all of these choices are as easy as getting on the phone and purchasing them.


Wide format stands out

As you can see, we can use wide-format printing for an unlimited range of applications, all of which can assist us in getting our message out to our target market in huge, vibrant color. This helps our brand and company stand out from the crowd and get the attention necessary.

If you’re printing out a flyer for a company picnic, and all you plan to do is distribute it around the office, sure, go on and use that office laser printer. However, if you desire large banners, posters, flags, or window decals, large format printing is the only way to go.

If you’re unsure of what content to display on your large format prints, rest easy, because we have internal designers who can help you produce large-format marketing materials that will wow even the most distracted consumer.

Contact us today to learn more about our large format printing services.