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Large format printing has a great impact in the modern world and has dramatically lowered the cost of indoor and outdoor advertising. Due to the improvements in print technology, large format printing is now a cost-effective solution that delivers the most amazing results. Banners are bigger, brighter and bolder hence making it easier to organize marketing campaigns. Street signage stands out and building wraps make eye-grabbing statements. And such techniques can be applied to postcard printing.

How large format postcard printing works for printing oversized postcards

To begin with, what exactly constitutes a large banner print? It would have to be anything that is more than 12″ x 18″ in size. This size, in fact, can go as much as 72″. Put simply, anything that is poster size would be considered large format. The main thing associated with effective large format printing would depend on what the banner is being used for and where. This is something you will need to discuss with your service provider. What you have to consider is where it is going to be placed – indoors, outdoors, the weather conditions, where and how it will be strung up. Once you know these details, you will be able to decide on the material that is best suited for your banner. All designers for large format printers will know about raster and vectors. This is the basis on which large scale printers determine the resolution of images to work with. Using massive resolutions does not work, the best quality can be achieved with vector images with text.

One of the main things about large format postcard printing you should be aware of is that there is always a limitation when it comes to colors. For the color scheme that you have, it would be a good idea to stick to process colors. Ensure that your company logo is a particular spot color. Also speak with the printer on the kind of printers used, as most large format printers make use of ink jets. The main idea of a large format printout is that it be legible from a distance. When you want to create an effective copy, you have to ensure that you are using a font that is not too convoluted and which can easily be read from a distance. The color scheme should be balanced and such that your text does not get lost in the color backgrounds.

Make your point with our New York postcard printing services

Want attention-grabbing marketing materials that capture the imagination of your target audience? Think about post card printing; it produces print-perfect production banners no matter what campaign you might be running. Typically, large format printing is used to produce banners for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, shop windows, advertising boards, the list goes on, but it can also be used to print postcards.

Communicate clearly with custom printed postcards

Don’t underestimate the pulling power of custom postcards. You can give your company’s profile a massive boost just by using custom postcards to gain an advantage over your competitors. Advertise your services and your products in ways that demand attention and attract potential customers. People find it hard to ignore well designed marketing materials. Digitally printed postcards are high-resolution advertising tools with superior standards.

Postcard marketing provides businesses and companies with an effective solution of generating customers and increasing their brand awareness. They are also great for promoting retail locations for the holidays or sales. Postcard design has become much easier and if needed, we can design the postcards for your with our in-house design team. That said, you no longer need complex design programs. Many computer literate people can use InDesign and Photoshop to create great looking products.

If you are focusing all your efforts on digital media, your clients are only seeing half the picture. Many people do not respond to these advertising mediums because they are inundated. Postcards should always be used in conjunction with traditional forms of online advertisement to emphasize your branding efforts. Your business will thrive if you use both new and traditional forms of advertising to communicate to your public. Contact us today to speak with one of our print specialists about your next campaign.