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Sending postcards is a very good way to maintain connection with friends, family and business contacts. There is no doubt about the impression of thoughtfulness that comes with postcards.

If you have used postcards before, it is easy to realize that not all cards are created equal.


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Choosing the right printer

Depending on who gets to print your card; the results and the impression you have on the recipient may differ greatly.

To get the best postcard, you have to choose the best printing services in NYC you can find. That in-turn is only possible if you know what you need to know what you should be looking for…

Here are some tips to finding the best postcard printing services:


A Wide Range of Printing Services

You should check out for a New York City printing company that offers a wide range of printing services. This way, regardless of your printing needs, you can be sure that they will be handled well.

Check out for full range printing services for products like business cards, brochures, catalogs, vinyl lettering and post cards.

Chances are that the more the variety of printing services a printing house handles, the better equipped they are to do good job on postcard printing.


Advantages of Offset Printing

  1. Offset printing is the best printing method because of different reasons.
  2. For starters, offset printing for postcards is very cost effective method especially when you have to print postcards in bulk.
  3. This would work well for businesses, companies and other organizations that need to send out large number of cards.
  4. Offset printing also ensures consistency and accuracy in color. Look out for printers that adhere to industry standards and have G7 certification.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  1. You need to go for digital printing services if you have a tight budget and short time frame.
  2. This way you will ensure efficiency and flexibility which then allows you to have quality products and a faster speed.
  3. With digital printing, you get to have faster turn-around times.


Customized Printing for Postcards

You need to have a post card printing NYC company that can offer custom post card printing services so that you can have both folded and standard postcards in custom design and sizes.







Personalized postcards

Sending personalized postcards to your business contacts will go a long way to remind them of your service to them which will consolidate your relationships. You can also use postcards to promote your brand while improving your brand’s visibility.


Advertising postcards

Postcards are also a good way to advertise products and put out word about what you are looking to do. For instance, you can use post cards to promote upcoming events, pass information on your special offers and discounts.


Standard or Large size postcards

Postcard for business can either be standard (4×6, 5×7) or large.

Large postcards are ideal for expressing finely tuned marketing plan or complex ideas. You can also use them to properly display product photos.

If you are in the medical industry, you can have health-care specific postcards that are specially designed to carry sensitive information as would be the case in the medical fraternity.

It can be a headache to choose and find the right printing service , materials and design in New York City, let us handle your headaches with a personal consultation.


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