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The History

Postcards exchanging have been around for some time in New York City.

They usually come as rectangular shaped pieces of thick paper or cardboard, complete with beautiful pictures or animation.

A person can write a message on a postcard and mail it without an envelope.


Advertising with emotions

Traditionally, postcards were used to write messages to a lover, friend or just family.

If you traveled to a different place or country, you could send a postcard that has a nice picture of the place you are in so that the people back home in NYC can have a glimpse of the place and share with you the experience that you are having.

For the recipient, such postcards sparked a yearning to also one day be able to travel to the places shown.

This illustrates that postcards have long been used as a form of advertising. This is an established and proven way to pass emotion from one person to another. By establishing your company story and messages into the postcard, you will be able to tap into the same emotion channel that postcards historically possess.


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Increase effectiveness through uniqueness

Like traditional mail, the usage of postcards in New York City has reduced due to the proliferation of newer communication technologies.

While at the personal level, people nowadays just take selfies of themselves, as well as shoot images of any interesting things that they see or experience when they travel, from a business perspective postcards still hold a lot of promise if used in advertising.

People generally do not expect to receive a postcard unless from their dearest ones. Thus using an advertising medium that is so unique will capture more “reading time” from your prospects. They will likely pay more attention to your messages and your company.

There are cheaper forms of advertising through digital medium, yet physical advertisements like postcards can yield more returns since it is the attention and emotions that we truthfully want to capture. 


Customize to target your customers

With the advancement of digital printer in New York City,  customizing postcards allow the business to target its audience, which is different from a newspaper advert that is targeted at the entire market.

With postcards, the business can send these via post, or it can physically distribute them to any particular group or place that it is targeting.

This brings about discreetness of the advertising campaign since competitors cannot know about it as opposed to inserting an advert in the newspaper.

Postcard printing can bring a lot of benefits to the business if included in the marketing arsenal.



They are cheap because the business only needs to come up with a design, craft a marketing message and then find a someone who can print the postcards.


Advertise through a personal touch

Postcards bring about a personal touch to the way a business conducts its operations.

Nowadays, everybody is preoccupied with using digital media as a form of communication. However, truth is that people actually miss the physical aspect of communication as it was back in the day.

Thus if a sizeable chunk of your customer pool composed of older folk, you may get an overwhelming response if you employed postcards in your advertising.


Results of your advertisement

Another advantage of this kind of advertising is that you can actually track the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

On the post card, you can ask customers to present the postcards the next time they do business with you so they can get a discount or any other enticement. This is an important feature of postcard advertising that a newspaper advert would normally lack.

There may be no way of knowing how many people actually read the advert that you inserted in the newspaper.




Right design and printing services

To embark on your postcard advertising campaign, it is important to find a NYC postcard printing service that can offer you professional design services as well. This type of company will help you to maximize the impact of your messages to your prospects. 

It is important to remember that quality is key, otherwise the postcard is not going to impress those reading it. Focus on finding a trustworthy printing company in NYC able to use a variety of different printing techniques like digital printing, offset printing and large format printing that gives you value for money.


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